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#FoodFri Glutton in Tokyo 2

This is a follow up of Glutton in Tokyo part 1 which I posted last week. On Day 2 of my Tokyo trip, I walked around Shinjuku waiting for the day to end so I can spend the night at Ooedo Onsen Monogatari’s hot springs. Tsuke-men I visited the Tokyo Municipal Building around noon. As it was a Sunday, most of the shops under the … Continue reading #FoodFri Glutton in Tokyo 2

Room of Hotel Maruchu Tokyo

Stayed Hotel Maruchu, Tokyo review

The worse part of travel preparations is booking a hotel. Even with reviews, I’m never sure how a room would turn out. Luckily, Hotel Maruchu in Tokyo turned out to be alright. When I extended my business trip in September, I had to look for a place to stay. I found Hotel Maruchu online and thought that its location right next to Minami-Senjuu is great. … Continue reading Stayed Hotel Maruchu, Tokyo review

Gintama Land at Ooedo Onsen

Being a fangirl at Gintama Land

During my trip planning for Tokyo, I was most excited about visiting the Ooedo Onsen Monogatari hot spring theme park. It wasn’t only because I desperately wanted to soak in hot springs and to stay overnight there. It was also because my favorite manga/anime Gintama was having an event. The onsen place and the anime company teamed up to bring us “Ooedo Onsen Suspense Theater” … Continue reading Being a fangirl at Gintama Land

#FoodFri Glutton in Kamakura + Tokyo

In case you don’t know. I love Japanese food very very much. During my short work trip to Japan, I had a few days to roam around eating. Instead of flooding everyone with too many yummy food, I’m splitting the meals into different days. For today, we’re having meals from Day 1: Lunch at Kamakura and Dinner in Tokyo. Day 1 Zaru soba at Kamakura … Continue reading #FoodFri Glutton in Kamakura + Tokyo

5 transportation I took during my travels

I rarely take taxis when travelling. One main reason is that I am stingy thrifty. The other reason is that it’s more interesting to take the public transport and see how the locals travel. Train in Yogyakarta The ladies-only carriage was among the Top 10 Things I Love about Central Java D and I were travelling from Jogja to Solo on the local train. Some … Continue reading 5 transportation I took during my travels

Exploring Tokyo’s red light district at night

I’ve wanted to visit Kabuki-cho in Tokyo ever since reading my favorite manga, Gintama. The characters live right on the streets of Kabuki-cho in a fictional old-Tokyo period. I managed to walk around in the morning on Sunday. The place was crowded with fashionable people and amazing storefronts. But I didn’t dare go alone at night because of the area’s reputation. From Japan-guide.com: “Japan’s largest … Continue reading Exploring Tokyo’s red light district at night

Floating udon

#FoodFri My love affair with Japanese food

When I was a kid, having Japanese food was a rare treat. The Japanese restaurant that my family goes to most often started its business when I was just in high school. The place was different from the usual rowdy Chinese restaurants and had beautiful finished puzzles of Japanese beauties on the wall. Each university vacation, my parents would take the family to the Japanese … Continue reading #FoodFri My love affair with Japanese food

#FoodFri Japanese fast food: Nakau

My #FoodFris are turning into Supper Fridays with all these late posts. Today, instead of a dish, I want to show you something special from Japan. Nakau is a fast food chain in the Land of the Rising Sun. They don’t serve burgers or fries but Japanese food such as noodle and rice. We had these during our trip to Kyoto last year. The meals … Continue reading #FoodFri Japanese fast food: Nakau

#FoodFri Breakfast @ Kyoto National Museum

The date October 22, 2011. The day for Jidai Matsuri. However, the event was delayed to the day later because of the the grey skies. We decided to head to the Kyoto National Museum because I was not able to visit on my last trip three years back. We didn’t have soba for breakfast. Instead, we had cakes at the cafe inside the museum compound. … Continue reading #FoodFri Breakfast @ Kyoto National Museum