130 Days Around the World

In April 2013, I began my 4-month trip around the world, starting from Sri Lanka and ending in Hong Kong.

ive been around the world

Everyday (well, almost everyday), I wrote a blog post as a way to record my trip. You can scroll down and read everything in chronological order or jump straight to the entries of each country/city:

Sri Lanka
El Salvador
Hong Kong

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Sri Lanka

YQ in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Colombo-Anuradhapura train ride [YQrtw Day 1 Apr 8]
Sri Lanka: Lost in Anuradhapura [YQrtw Day 2 Apr 9]
Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura Sacred City [YQrtw Day 3 Apr 10]
Sri Lanka: Entering Kandy [YQrtw Day 4 Apr 11]
Sri Lanka: To Sigiriya and back [YQrtw Day 5 Apr 12]
Sri Lanka: Doing nothing in Kandy [YQrtw Day 6 Apr 13]
Happy Sri Lankan New Year! [YQrtw Day 7 Apr 14]
Bye Sri Lanka [YQrtw Day 8 Apr 15]

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Scams and touts of Sri Lanka


YQ in Dubai
Hello Dubai [YQrtw Day 9 Apr 16]
Window shopping in Dubai [YQrtw Day 10 Apr 17]
Mosque, zoo and long bus rides [YQrtw Day 11 Apr 18]
Reading in Dubai, first night at sea [YQrtw Day 12 Apr 19]

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YQ on a cruise
Reading in Dubai, first night at sea [YQrtw Day 12 Apr 19]
Second day at sea: ‘You can’t go to Egypt.[YQrtw Day 13 Apr 20]
3rd day at sea: Pirate drill [YQrtw Day 14 Apr 21]
4th day at sea: Rock climbing [YQrtw Day 15 Apr 22]
5th day at sea: Craft classes [YQrtw Day 16 Apr 23
6th day at sea: Not winning Bingo [YQrtw Day 17 Apr 24]
7th day at sea: First sunset at sea [YQrtw Day 18 Apr 25]
8th cruise day: Jordan’s Rose City and Wadi Rum desert [YQrtw Day 19 Apr 26]
9th cruise day: Birthday onboard [YQrtw Day 20 Apr 27]
10th cruise day: First time in Egypt [YQrtw Day 21 Apr 28]
11th cruise day: Through Suez Canal [YQrtw Day 22 Apr 29]
12th cruise day: Pyramids of Giza [YQrtw Day 23 Apr 30]
13th cruise day: Historical and commercial Egypt [YQrtw Day 24 May 1]
14th cruise day: A show in the air on sea [YQrtw Day 25 May 2]

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YQ in Jordan
8th cruise day: Jordan’s Rose City and Wadi Rum desert [YQrtw Day 19 Apr 26]


YQ in Egypt
10th cruise day: First time in Egypt [YQrtw Day 21 Apr 28]
11th cruise day: Through Suez Canal [YQrtw Day 22 Apr 29]
12th cruise day: Pyramids of Giza [YQrtw Day 23 Apr 30]
13th cruise day: Historical and commercial Egypt [YQrtw Day 24 May 1]

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YQ in Italy
15th cruise day, Italy day 1: Tarquina day trip [YQrtw Day 27 May 4]
Italy day 2: Pisa [YQrtw Day 28 May 5]
Italy day 3: Cloudy day in Florence [YQrtw Day 29 May 6]
Italy day 4: Florence Tuesday market [YQrtw Day 30 May 7]
Italy day 5: Ufizzi Gallery and how my shoes ate my feet in Florence [YQrtw Day 31 May 8]
Italy day 6: Florence Food Tour and David’s bum [YQrtw Day 32 May 9]
Italy day 7: Defeated by a Florentine steak [YQrtw Day 33 May 10]
Italy day 8: From Florence to Rome [YQrtw Day 34 May 11]
Italy day 9: The day I saw the pope [YQrtw Day 35 May 12]
Italy day 10: Seeing the Capuchin crypt [YQrtw Day 36 May 13]

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YQ in Greece
Greece day 1: No Museum Day in Athens [YQrtw Day 38 May 15]
Greece day 2: Athen’s National Archaeological Museum + Acropolis [YQrtw Day 39 May 16]
Greece day 3: New Acropolis Museum and Rick Steve’s walking tour [YQrtw Day 40 May 17]
Greece day 4: Let’s go shopping at the Ancient Agora [YQrtw Day 41 May 18]
Changing of guards at Syntagma Square [YQrtw Day 42 May 19]
Tix to Mykonos bought! [YQrtw Day 43 May 20]
Mykonos, effortlessly beautiful [YQrtw Day 44 May 21]
Day trip to Delos, the birthplace of Apollo [YQrtw Day 45 May 22]
Athens to Istanbul by bus [YQrtw Day 46 May 23]

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Caturday: Catlen of Troy


YQ in Turkey
The 3 labors in Istanbul [YQrtw Day 47 May 24]
Welcoming mom and her jetlag to Istanbul [YQrtw Day 48 May 25]
Condensing 72 hours of Istanbul museum visiting into 24 hours [YQrtw Day 49 May 26]
Living in the caves of Cappadocia [YQrtw Day 50 May 27]
Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia [YQrtw Day 51 May 28]
Joining the ‘Green Tour’ of Cappadocia, Turkey [YQrtw Day 52 May 29]
Snowy white Cotton Castle–Pamukkale [YQrtw Day 53 May 30]
Waiting for the bus to Sercuk [YQrtw Day 54 May 31]
Full day Ephesus tour [YQrtw Day 55 Jun 1]
Too late for the Trojan war [YQrtw Day 56 Jun 2]
The day I begin travelling solo again [YQrtw Day 57 Jun 3]
End of the Orient Express [YQrtw Day 58 Jun 4]
31 hours of travelling [YQrtw Day 59 Jun 5]

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#FoodFri The best drink in Turkey
Caturday: Lazing cat outside of Haghia Sophia, Istanbul
Caturday: Black Beauty at Istanbul Archaeological Museum
Caturday: Emo cat in Selcuk


YQ in Argentina
31 hours of travelling [YQrtw Day 59 Jun 5]
Speechless in Buenos Aires [Day 60 Jun 6]
Thrift shopping in Buenos Aires [YQrtw Day 61 Jun 7]
Trip to La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires [YQrtw Day 62 Jun 8]
Marketing at San Telmo Sunday flea market [YQrtw Day 63 Jun 9]
1st day of Spanish lesson [YQrtw Day 64 Jun 10]
Visit to the colorful La Boca [YQrtw Day 65 Jun 11]
Tango lesson and show in Buenos Aires [YQrtw Day 65 Jun 11]
Chinese food by weight in Buenos Aires [YQrtw Day 66 Jun 12]
It’s steak time! [YQrtw Day 67 Jun 13]
School trip to MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) [YQrtw Day 68 Jun 14]
Preparing for my visa run/ Streets of Buenos Aires [YQrtw Day 69 Jun 15]
A coffee at Cafe Tortoni [YQrtw Day 71 Jun 17]
To Recoleta Cemetery, again/ Visa application [YQrtw Day 72 Jun 18]
To the US embassy for my visa [YQrtw Day 73 Jun 19]
Almost 23-hour journey to Iguazu Falls [YQrtw Day 74 Jun 20]
Eat and party like an Argentinian [YQrtw Day 75 Jun 21]
Amazing Big Water–Iguazu Falls [YQrtw Day 76 Jun 21]
It’s a trap! Looking at tree trunks in Aripuca [YQrtw Day 77 Jun 22]
Chilling in Iguazu/ Back to Buenos Aires [YQrtw Day 78 Jun 23]
Settling back in Buenos Aires [YQrtw Day 79 Jun 24]
How to dye your hair in a hostel [YQrtw Day 80 Jun 25]
Trip to the Evita Museum in Buenos Aires [YQrtw Day 81 Jun 26]
New travel plans! [YQrtw Day 82 Jun 27]

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Glutton in Argentina: Snacks and desserts


YQ in Uruguay
Day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay [YQrtw Day 70 Jun 16]

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YQ in Chile
Bienvenido a Santiago, Chile [YQrtw Day 82 Jun 28]
Walking around Santiago/ Second hand clothes shopping [YQrtw Day 83 Jun 29]
Visit to Santiago’s General Cemetery [YQrtw Day 82 Jun 30]
Bus tickets to the north bought! [Day 83 Jul 1]
Getting my fill of museums in Santiago [YQrtw Day 84 Jul 2]
Bus to La Serena [YQrtw Day 85 Jul 3]
A stroll in La Serena before the 23-hour bus ride [YQrtw Day 86 Jul 4]
23 hours to Arica [YQrtw Day 87 Jul 5]
Chilling in Arica [YQrtw Day 88 Jul 6]

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YQ in Peru
YQ in Arequipa:
11 hours from Chile to Peru [YQrtw Day 89 Jul 7]
The day I ate some alpaca [YQrtw Day 90 Jul 8]
Walking to school in Arequipa [YQrtw Day 91 Jul 9]
Watching Monster University in Arequipa [YQrtw Day 92 Jul 10]
I took a combi in Arequipa today! [YQrtw Day 93 Jul 11]
It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday [YQrtw Day 94 Jul 12]
This little piggy went to San Camilo Market in Arequipa [YQrtw Day 95 Jul 13]
Alpaca-seeing at Mundo Alpaca, Arequipa [YQrtw Day 96 Jul 14]
Eating at a traditional picanteria [YQrtw Day 97 Jul 15]
I got a cute manicure in Arequipa [YQrtw Day 98 Jul 16]
I hate street harassment/ To market for healthy fruit juice [YQrtw Day 99 Jul 17]
A piece of Spain in Santa Catalina Monastery [YQrtw Day 100 Jul 18]
More days in Arequipa/ Dolls in Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa [YQrtw Day 101 Jul 19]
Machu Picchu train tix booked/ More baby alpacas! [YQrtw Day 102 Jul 20]
Arequipa, the town of endless parades? [YQrtw Day 103 Jul 21]
Adios Arequipa /On a posh Peru night bus [YQrtw Day 104 Jul 22]

YQ in Cusco
From Cusco to Ollantaytambo [YQrtw Day 105 Jul 23]
My 7-hour journey to buy one ticket to Machu Picchu [YQrtw Day 106 Jul 24]
Train from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu [YQrtw Day 107 Jul 25]
Hot springs at Aguas Calientes [YQrtw Day 108 Jul 26]
Finally, the day I visit Machu Picchu [YQrtw Day 109 Jul 27]
Staying in Peruvian budget hotels in Ollantaytambo, Cusco [YQrtw Day 110 Jul 28]
Sightseeing with a buddy in Cusco [YQrtw Day 110 Jul 29]
Nasca lines, Chauchilla Cemetery and ancient aquaducts [YQrtw Day 112 Jul 31]
Lazing in Nasca/ Dealing with street harassment [YQrtw Day 113 Aug 1]
Picking up mail in Lima [YQrtw Day 114 Aug 2]
Getting a haircut in Lima [YQrtw Day 115 Aug 3]

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El Salvador

YQ in El Salvador
Journey from Lima to San Salvador [YQrtw Day 116 Aug 4]
Drowning in the heat at San Salvador’s Consuma Fair [YQrtw Day 117 Aug 5]
El Salvador on holiday [YQrtw Day 118 Aug 6]
El Salvador is back in business! This means museum time [YQrtw Day 119 Aug 7]
To Santa Ana I go! [YQrtw Day 120 Aug 8]
Museum and church-seeing in Santa Ana [YQrtw Day 121 Aug 9]
Catching a cold and recovering in Santa Ana [YQrtw Day 122 Aug 10]
Onwards to LA for my transit to Hong Kong [YQrtw Day 124 Aug 12]

Hong Kong

YQ in Hong Kong
Literally the shortest day of my life [YQrtw Day 125 Aug 13]
A storm is coming to Hong Kong [YQrtw Day 126 Aug 14]
See Hong Kong on a tram [YQrtw Day 127 Aug 15]
Early morning movie and jetlag in Hong Kong [YQrtw Day 128 Aug 16]
Museum day in Hong Kong and it was great! [YQrtw Day 129 Aug 17]
Final day in Hong Kong=Eat all the food! [YQrtw Day 130 Aug 18]

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