Top 5 localized GANGNAM STYLE covers

Youtube charts

I have a confession. I have very bad taste in music: I love viral music.

Back when Rebecca Black’s Friday and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe were popular, I listened to them repeatedly on Youtube not ironically but with full appreciation of the catchy lyrics and head bobbing tunes.

Currently on my Youtube loop (because I cannot buy it from the Singapore iTunes) is GANGNAM STYLE from PSY.

Youtube charts
Youtube charts

I thought about sharing the deep meaning of the song which parodies the dirt rich in Korea but I thought it would make you click the X button. Instead, I have compiled a list of Top 5 (in no particular order) covers of PSY’s song. (And leave the heavy reading to WSJ.)

From Malaysia:

A Hakka version of Gangnam Style featuring my hometown (or homestate) Sabah. Lots of locations taken at places I am familiar with. The ending even has Bruno Mars.
Best line: Come to Sabah, wanna try the seafood. Go to island, Hey!

This is a version made by a Malaysian radio station. I think it’s really cool that the employees are sporting enough to do the invisible horse riding dance everywhere in KL.
Best line: “But in your kampung, you can wear sarong. Anywhere you go oh. Everybody knows oh.”

From Taiwan:

這群人 – 學尬乾那塞 (GANGNAM STYLE Cover/Skit/台語版)
“Studied like Shit”
A Mandarin + Taiwanese Hokkien version with a sexy dressed as a teacher/librarian. Sex sells, of course. Best line (translated): You… don’t study. Learn! Learn! Learn! Learn! Studied like shit

From Singapore:

Singaporean Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

Best part: Instead of the invisible horse riding dance, they have a shake your fist up and down dance.
Best line: “Ehhhhhh give me Tau Huay”

From Korea:

PSY (ft. HYUNA) 오빤 딱 내 스타일
“‘Oppa Is Just My Style”
OK, I’m cheating with this video. It’s actually a follow up to the original song, sung from the girl’s point of view.

UPDATE: Oppa KL Style

From KL, again.

The original video


Have you found any interesting covers of GANGNAM STYLE?

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Travel contest to Korea

Just when I thought I was missing out on global travel contests, I found out about one for us in Singapore!

Korea Trailblazer Wanted! by Chan Brothers Travel

There’s two stages of winning, it seems. First round is resume sending and they will decide if you are worth for the challenge. After that, you’ll need to come up with a 48-hour itinerary for Korea. Have fun there, updaing your Facebook, twitter, any social accounts. Come back, edit your trip into a video. After that is the second round of contest where folks will vote which video is the best.

Grand Prize (Trailblazer): 2 pax 4D Free & Easy Korea Trip
Weekly Facebook/YouTube Lucky Draw: Chan Brothers Travel Voucher $100 X 5 winners
Voter Lucky Draw: Chan Brothers Travel Voucher $500 X 1 pax

How to enter: Sign up at their website and upload your resume and also a link to a video (if any).

Deadline: April 15, 2012

Eligibility: Singapore citizen or PR

May the odds be ever in your favor.