Friday July 25, 2008 Folk museum

 It’s Friday! The end of the week.

Read the day’s Japanese lesson and did homework on the train. Japanese lesson was only text reading, we’ll learn grammar points next week.

For lunch, I had beef udon. I like noodles! Took photos of posters. It’s good to be able to be a tourist and ignore stuff.

Poster of kat-tun




After class, brought Wawa to the library to look at <the tale of Genji> exhibition. They have the original drawing of Hikaru Genji and they also have a part where they stuck photos of popular guys onto the face of Hikaru Genji.

M joined us to the Folks Culture Museum. So with Naomi, Wawa and I, we went to the nearest subway station. I was going to buy today’s one day subway pass, 500 yen because Friday is eco day. But the old man at the station told me they were all sold out. What the freak! Why have one day pass when they will be sold out. Don’t you want people to use the public transport?

FINE! I’ll use my regular ticket. We reached Gion quite fast. The other three girls were cycling from school to Gion to meet us. THe four of us bought ice cream because the weather was so so hot. My ice cream was melting at a speed I’ve never seen in Malaysia. Later I read that the day’s temperature reached 36.5 celcius degree.


The Hakata folk culture not-museum was small but they had fun stuff there.



Hakata is the old name for Fukuoka. The name is still used as a name of a train station and of a district.

A model of a parade for luck



Fake cardboard wig. Sakiko is a good actress.


Old telephones to learn the Hakata dialect.


Model of old granny at a shop





Old bento cases


Ice grinder, just like the ones we have


There was a large moel of a golden frog at the basement where the loo is




Water pump



Then we went seperate ways. Naomi, M and I went to Tenjin. N, coz her bus leaves from Tenjin to her home. M, who plans to buy headphones. While I have nothing to do.

We took the 100 yen (YES!) bus from Gion to Tenjin. I love cheap transportation.

N took us to Tenjin Core, a place where GALS hang out. Gals are girls who dye their hair gold, get really dark tan and have heavy eyeliner. They probrably have this everywhere in Tokyo, but it’s rare in Fukuoka. At Tenjin Core, we went to the 8th floor where they have Gothic and Lolita fashion.

These type of fashion have heavy lace and look more like clothes to drees up a doll than human. But people still wear them. There was a goth yukata, with lace and was all black. But it was a tiny size.

Then we went to a second hand clothes store with (relatively) cheap clothes. I saw this sign at the shop.


Later, M went back for dinner. And N brought me to a shop with all sorts of cute stuff. When she left for her bus. I went to UNIQLO to see what I can buy. I tried out something and was given a face cover. It looks like this when you put it on so your make up won’t be rubbed on the clothes


I ate at McDonald’s coz I told okaasan that we would be having dinner outside. It always like this for me, whenever I say I’ll be eating outside, I usually end up eating by myself. I saw that the McDonalds was selling McD card for 500yen. I bought one at the machine and used it to pay for my dinner. I thought I could keep it as a souvenir but the cashier took my card away.


The McD that I went to was a smoking area. What! They don’t smoke outdoors but turn to McD to smoke??!

Night scene at Tenjin



Yatai, specialty of Fukuoka. Stalls set up at night. Seems like girls do not go to yatai to eat alone. Hmmm


I then took the 8:57pm bus to the train station. The train back was at 9:20pm, but I reached before 10pm. THe journey’s very short when it doesn’t stop too long at other stations.

When I got back, okaasan was teary. Turns out Meri the granma dog only have 50-50 chance to survive. Hmmm

Watched <Maou>.

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