July 24 Travel plans

Another so so day. I’ll try not to think of it that way.

Woke up at a bit pass 6am, read in bed until it was time to go down. Before that, I stuffed the things I need into my bag.

Breakfast was toast, cucumber, corn soup and apples. I ate the cucumbers first because I leave things I like for the end. Cucumber made me fuller than I should be.

Off I went on the bicycle. The 8:31am train passed while I was going to park my bike. Nevermind, coz I aim for the 8:40am train which has less passengers. A whole bunch of korean youths boarded the train on one of the stops.

Today’s Japanese teacher was a new teacher. I had more confidence now so I did manage some sort of conversation with the teacher. Ha ha.

Lunch was with Naomi, Moe and Wawa. I didn’t have the set today but choose fish, eggplant and potato salad with SS-sized rice. Here, rice is divided into L, M, S and SS. Ha ha

For today’s pop culture class, the prof showed a powerpoint slide with explicit screenshots of . And he told us his unfullfilled love story. He reminds me of one of the prof I had in China, who kept telling us his life experience. Sir, sorry to say, but we’re here to learn stuff, not for stories. But please don’t fail me!

And the prof made a mistake when he said Akira Kurosawa invented the flashback in movies. (Or something like that) Rashomon was adapted from a short story, I would credit the writer instead of the director. No wonder there are scriptwriter strikes.

After class I went with HPM to the library to discuss about our after ATW travel plans. THere was a timetable in the library but there weren’t any guidebooks for Japan. Naze??

My plan is to go to Beppu on Saturday and take the cruise ship to Osaka in the evening. I’ve asked okaasan about the cruise and she said that the normal ticket where everyone share the floor (futon provided) is enough.

She said when she was working in Beppu (her hometown). She used to take the ship to Osaka in the evening, reach there in the day, sightsee and return in the evening. And she would arrive just in time for work. Cool.

Back to the journal. After discussion, I went down for internet. Naomi was there. She then told me that we could go out tomorrow. Yeah! Group outing with Moe, Sayaka, (prob) Wawa and Sakiko.

I took the 6:04pm train back and reached around 6:30pm. I cycled to the second hand bookstore to find it closed. Ah! It has moved. Wei!!! I have a coupon, where can I use it??!

After getting back, okaasan fed me iced coffee and sakura flavoured rice cakes with beanpaste filling. Then we took the dogs on a short walk. Granma Meri was left at home. She is having a bad time, she keeps vomiting. Poor thing.

Today is thursday and the day K has his tuition teacher come to the house. I usually stay downstairs to wait till he leaves. It seems more polite. But I usually wave him goodbye in the house. It didn’t seem proper for me to send him off at the door. Plus, the genkan isn’t too big.

It was a bit before 11pm when he left. Now it’s 11:32pm. Sleepy~~

No interesting photos for today.

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