Wed, July 23 2008: Tenjin sushi

It’s already the middle of the week. Oh my, how time flies. Soon it would be the end of the week and I would have finished my fourth week in Japan.

For breakfast, it was french toast and yogurt. For coffee, it was a different stronger bean so okaasan told me to make it into cafe au lait. It was good, not like the watery cafe au lait I made with the other coffee.

After breakfast, I finally stopped my beating around the bush thing and asked okaasan directly if mom could call the home. She said, of course and anytime’s fine. Ohhh… I should have asked about this earlier.

And again, I cycled to the station. At the station, I did some homework and some more on the train. Then it reached the school’s station.

For today’s Japanese class, we had to write an essay (very very short) about a famous person in our country’s history. Well, Malaysia’s history isn’t too long. And I don’t know much about the famous people we had. In the end I chose to write Hang Tuah. It was a very lame essay but I handed it in anyway.

For lunch, I had a small stick of cheese cake and 500ml of milk. Later, I will be going to Tenjin for sushi so I’m saving my stomach for that.

In popular culture class, we watched a short film called “Armchair Theory”. It is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a long long time. And it’s a great short film about nine ways to get a girl in Japan. The professor wanted us to see how they use self orientalism and how Japanese humour worked.

The film first tells us how to get a girl in nine steps. There is a white anchorwoman telling us the steps and showing videos on how they should be done. First step is to follow the girl and know her daily routine. Then stage coincidences to make her believe that the both of you are fated for each other. One of the step here is to pick up her falling subway pass and return it to her with a beautiful smile. Remember to bleach your teeth before that.

I only vaguely remember the steps until here. Here’s the youtube link.

After class, I went to Tenjin with HY, PY and MC and Wawa. TOday’s HY’s bday and they’re going to a sushi shop their teacher recommended in Tenjin. Wawa and I took the subway. She was devastated to see all the ARASHI posters gone. Well, at least we’ve taken their pictures.

At the underground street, there are lots of beauty product shops. Each stacked with loads of products that I wish I can buy.


I misguided everyone to the wrong direction because I had misremembered where Solaris Plaza is. The sushi shop was hidden in the basement of Solaria Plaza. We couldn’t find it but a very nice sales person who was probably on toilet break took us all the way from her shop to the sushi shop. Thanks!!!

It wasn’t very cheap, probably coz it’s in Tenjin where rent is high. But all the food was fresh and stuff that I had was tasty.

I find raw seafood fascinating. It should be repulsing but it just tastes too good to not eat them.





Then Wawa and I went to BIC CAMERA together while the other three went their own ways. At BIC Camera, we found out that Polaroid’s digital camera was selling at 9,800 yen. Wawa took a long time inner debating whether to buy the camera or not.

The salespeople there were not very helpful. One guy with limited English did help us. I guess he’s sort of an upper employee there. But he couldn’t figure out how to change the camera’s language to English. It was Wawa who found the button to do that. And with English settings, she was more confirmed that she will get the camera.

She debated whether to get the slimer, 3,000 yen more camera or the one on offer. Then we saw that they were going to have an offer for the slimmer phone on Friday but they’re selling the horrid hot pink then. The silver was on offer on Sunday, but we think it’d be sold out by the time she went to the store. There’s only ten sets on offer.

In the end, Wawa bought the non-slim version. She bought rechargeable batts and a memory card. All that cost less than the original price we saw last week. What luck!

We were looking at the memory card and discussing quite loudly. Then suddenly, a person stood right next to us. We shifted a bit to the left but the person was still there. It was annoying. While we were choosing, the person also pointed at what we were choosing. oi! But then Wawa realised that it was C from school and we had a good laugh. Lots of others were also there. WHat coincidence.

After buying the camera,  we went to buy DVD-Rs so we can burn stuff. Wawa saw two really cheap DVD-RWs for her video cam. It was priced 150 yen. When we got to the cashier, we wanted him to add the purchase into our point card. He didn’t know much Japanese and my vocab is at a very lousy label. He told us our total was something cheaper that what it shuold be. We thought he had deducted the price with points and were frustrated. It took us about 5 minutes to finalize our purchase. Then we realised that it wasn’t his fault but it was the price of the DVD-RWs. It was 70 yen on the receipt. Ha ha ha

Wawa and I went back before the others so we can get home before it gets dark. The ride back home feels a lot quicker than going to school.

When I reached my station, it was not yet 7pm. So I rode off to a supermarket to see what I could buy. I was going to buy the same sunblock but I found Johnson’s sunblock lotion, something I had in mind but thought was too expensive. I’ve convinced myself that 599 yen is not exp for it.

1. It’s 100ml, twice the amount of the 50ml Sunbear.
2. It’s texture is smooth and one drop can spread far.
3. Even though the SPF is low (SPF15), PA is high at PA+++. Plus I reapply in class so it’s ok.

So I’ve convinced myself to buy Johnson’s Baby Lotion UV care.


And also DHC’s olive virgin oil. It was selling at 1,008 yen and I convinced myself that DHC for RM30 is not expensive. How I love Japan!!!


I got home at 7:10pm. I met okaasan who was walking the dogs when I was on my way back. For dinner, we had stew made from instant roux. It was creamy and yummy. Will probably buy the instant roux. :D

Then mom called at 10pm. It was funny that we didn’t have much to say when we did vave the chance to talk. Ha ha. But it was great hearing the other aunties’ voices and their concern whether I’ve hooked myself a boyfriend or not. No aunties, I still have not. ha ha ha.

Well, I’ll get going and write the entry on Hiroshima.


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