Tue July 22, 2008 BBQ

Was very sleepy this morning, woke up at 6:30am, dropped back to sleep and was lucky to wake up at exactly 7:30am.

This morning, had toast with blueberry jam and donut with peach filling. Had coffee too. Rode the bike to the station.

The way to the station is downhill so I can leave the pedal alone and say, “Weeeeeee” while the bike rolls down the slope. But coming back up is difficult and I usually give up and walk back up.

The train stopped slightly longer at one of the stops. Makes you wonder if someone has committed suicide on the rails. Hmm… I’d never know.

Morning class was not sleepy but I don’t seem to have much energy. I’ll blame it on the hot hot hot weather.

Lovely flowers in front of the classroom.


Even at lunch, I had no appetite. I bought milk and a rice ball, which I would regret later.

We’ve finished our history class and starting today, we have “Japanese Popular Culture in the Age of Globalisation.” Just the title itself sounds very cool, doesn’t it?

Well, it is quite cool, but we have a report to write and a final at the end. :(

After class, I went with PY, HY and MC to a Japanese teacher’s office to ask about travelling in Japan.

The teacher was very very nice. He cleaned up his table, showed us how to use the train timetable. The timetable is a thick book, I would never learn how to use it without the teacher’s help.

Oh, PY, HY and MC are going to travel after ATW finishes. And our final destination is Tokyo. Such wonderful coincidence. They planned to go to Okinawa but now I believe they’re skipping it in the end. We’ll be travelling together in Kansai and Tokyo then. :D

Then it was blog updating. At 6pm, it was BBQ in front of the International Student Centre.




BBQ was ok ok. Coz I don’t know how to socialize. sigh. Nevermind, I had some meat.

Then I came back home and am here now.

Conclu: another so-so day. Received mom’s letter and my postcards from Miyajima and Hiroshima. So fast.



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