Start of an adventure: YQ conquers M’sia

As a Malaysia, I am embarassed to say that I’ve not visited many parts of my home country. My excuse was that Sabah is far away from the Peninsula Malaysia where the rest of the 11 states are. Now that I am stationed (harhar) at Singapore, I have no excuse. I’ve decided to visit one Malaysian state a month (with disclaimer, of course). By the … Continue reading Start of an adventure: YQ conquers M’sia

0813: My Tho-village kids and ducklings

Today, I will be going with Nguyen’s mother to a village near My Tho where her office will be giving out exercise books to village children. For breakfast is the very delicious banh mi. Vietnamese sandwich that has baguette instead of sliced bread. And I tell you, baguette is the best invention, not sliced bread. When everyone ate their bread, they cracked it open before … Continue reading 0813: My Tho-village kids and ducklings

7 Aug: JB overnight trip day 1

My first time spending a night in JB! I decided to stay overnight at Suria City Hotel because I have to take an exam there at 9am. 9am!! I definitely do not want to wake up at 5.30am in Singapore and start my journey across the causeway. I’ve heard horror stories about Johor Bahru (JB). Coming from a small place like Kota Kinabalu meant that … Continue reading 7 Aug: JB overnight trip day 1


Signed up for NTS travel blog competition. I had been meaning to participate in the comp since it started, but then I never really had a solid enough blog to compete in. For those who are here for the first time, you might think, why should I spend my time reading a blog about someone’s seven-week in Japan? Well, you should to destress learn about … Continue reading Updates