Signed up for NTS travel blog competition. I had been meaning to participate in the comp since it started, but then I never really had a solid enough blog to compete in.

For those who are here for the first time, you might think, why should I spend my time reading a blog about someone’s seven-week in Japan?

Well, you should to

  • destress
  • learn about ATW’s summer program (super fun)
  • procrastinate

It’s a seven-week travel blog, with some early posts of how I got my visa and things like that.

So enjoy!!

30 Jan 2009

I’ve decided to use this post as my update post.

I have a new blog on Kota Kinabalu http://www.xanga.com/YQtravellingKK

I’m sticking with xanga for travel blogs because the photo upload funcion is convenient.

12 December 2008

Dear all, I won’t be posting any new things on this blog because I am not travelling. And I would want this blog to stay as my travel in Japan blog instead of a blog with a mixed up identity.

But I would love to hear about what you think about this blog, so I can edit it and stuff.

So till my next travels!

Current Time ? September 24, 2008

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