July 26, Saturday Omatsuri

Okaasan brought Meri to the vet again. She came home with Meri yesterday with glucose dripping thing for. Meri could stay in the hospital but okaasan said it’s too sad for the dog.

Before lunch, I went to the supermarket with okaasan. It was very very sunny and there were a lot of people at the supermarket. We bought three boxes of sushi home.

When we got home, Meri’s glucose machine was making weird sounds. Later, okaasan and otousan brought Meri to the vet again.

When they came back, okaasan confirmed that she will not be able to go to the bus tour tomorrow because of Meri. I had hinted before that Wawa will be able to go, probably, because her host mom has gone to Tokyo for the weekend.

Okaasan called up Wawa’s host dad. He wasn’t exactly the friendliest guy. I later found out that he’s really old and has hearing problems.

At 2:45pm, okaasan took me to the nearby DAISO and I got some hair accessories to go with my yukata. I caught the 3:01pm train and arrived at the destination a bit too early. But there was a free newsletterr to read so it wasn’t too bad.

Moe came and we went to her place after Wawa’s train arrived.

Moe lives in a single room apartment. Like what we see on TV and in comics. It’s nice to have something like that in Singapore, but the government are more practical by building high rise HDBs that can squeeze in a lot of people.

Toma in one of wawa’s mag. faint, so cute



We started dressing in yukata after Sakiko came. It was not easy. You have to hold up the yukata, tie it with two strings before you proceed to the obi.

It took us a trail before we got something suitable.


Then it was festival time. THe sun was still out when we were there. I saw miko!! Seems like they are volunteers for the event. I want to wear their outfit!!

Moe helped to ask one of them for a photo. Thanks!!


Photo of Wawa, me and Moe


There were lots of stalls at the matsuri. And lots of good looking guys around. It seems like there are more good looking guys in Japan than in anywhere else I’ve been in. Or is it because my taste has gone weird? hmm

Anyway, it was a chance for Sakiko and Moe to revise their vocabulary on describing guys. And for us to learn something too. Turns out, our version of cute/ hot can be called “soft macho” in Japanese. Hmm.. it does sound a bit 18SX, doesn’t it? Ha ha.

The only thing that I ate at the festival was a big cup of shaved ice with green tea flavoring, selling at 100 yen. Yes, I’m stingy, but the weather also made my appetite really little.

We got back to Moe’s place around 8:50pm, and it took some time for us to get the yukata off too. I found out that I had dripped my green shaved ice on some parts of my yukata. Yikes, have to get it to a laundry mart then. Later, I washed it off using hand soap, but I still need to bring it to a cleaner’s.

Sakiko received a phone call from Wawa’s host mom. Wow! It’s almost 9pm. So we went back home.

That’s about the end of the day.

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