#FoodFri Silk pudding @ Tokyo, Japan

Asakusa silk purin~

On today’s menu, it’s the Asakusa silk pudding which can be found near the famous Asakusa Temple.

The store is located in a pedestrian lane, far enough from the main street for us to enjoy the quietness.

The store front was plain–a display fridge, two round tables outside. There were two bins by the wall, telling customers to recycle its glass bottle and plastic cap and spoon.

The pudding, like its name, tasted silky and the caramel tasted slightly burnt. I’m not sure if it’s deliberately like that to contrast the sweetness of the custard or if it was fluke.

Anyway, mom and I polished the glass bottles clean. Yum!

Here’s a Google Map of the place if you happen to be in Asakusa.

4 thoughts on “#FoodFri Silk pudding @ Tokyo, Japan

    1. It was like creme caramel. The caramel part had slight burnt bitter sugar which made the whole thing more “real”.

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