Free things to do in Changi Airport

I blame my stinginess to being a Taurus. I love bargains and cheap buys. But most of all, I LOVE free things.

For this fortnight’s Travel Local series, I’ll be sharing some of the free things you can do in Changi Airport right after you land (or before you fly off)!

(Most of these are available in the posher terminals and might not be present at the budget terminal where airlines such as Tiger Airways leave.)

Changi Airport lost to Hong Kong International Airport for Best Airport 2011. I’ve not been to HK’s airport but can it really beat all the free stuff you can get at Changi?

Free leg massage

Massage chair

Who can say no to free torturous leg massages? Not me!

These modern leg kneader are sponsored by massage chair companies such as OTO in the photo above. There are multiple speeds and pain levels (kidding!) available.

Free water


Do you know how much they charge for water in airports? It was almost double retail price at KL’s budget terminal.

But at Changi Airport, H20 is free. The water coolers are right next to the loos. I guess it makes sense since you’d want to replenish the water you left in the washroom.

Free perfume!!

Free scents

OK, I made a white lie. I meant to say: free perfume testing and free smelling. Feel free to spritz your whole arm with expensive scented liquid while politely declining the salesperson’s help. “Just looking–and spraying.”

Free local calls

Free calls

I haven’t tried this personally but from the instructions, it seems to be quite a hassle as I’ll need to buy telephone cards for this.

Free phone charging

Free phone charging

I haven’t seen this type of service in other airports. Heck, I’ve not seen many of the above services in other airports. There are various chargers available but the Apple iProduct one is usually taken.

Free Internet

Free Internet

I almost left this out! Yes, free Internet for you to Facebook–what I see most people doing anyway.

Have I missed anything? Share what free things in Changi you like in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Free things to do in Changi Airport

  1. Haha I am proud to say, I have tried them all except leg massage coz I always have people fallen asleep on them!!

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