#FoodFri Japanese fast food: Nakau

My #FoodFris are turning into Supper Fridays with all these late posts.

Today, instead of a dish, I want to show you something special from Japan.

Nakau is a fast food chain in the Land of the Rising Sun. They don’t serve burgers or fries but Japanese food such as noodle and rice.

Piping hot

We had these during our trip to Kyoto last year. The meals were not drastically expensive but my mom wasn’t very impressed by our second meal. I still can eat five more bowls of udon before I surrender.

Easy meal

Nakau machine <3

What’s great about the chain is that even if you do not know Japanese, you can order a meal. They have coupon machines with pictures of the dishes and the price. Feed it your cash and it will spit out a coupon. Pass the coupon as you settle down at the counter and the food will arrive very soon.

However, I’ve heard that single ladies do not visit such establishments alone. It has to do with gender stereotype. Oh well, it doesn’t apply to visitors, I suppose.

Hungry? More Japanese eats here:

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