Munching through 7 of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 food destinations

Recently we asked our Twitter followers the question: which destinations have you (or will you) visit primarily for the food? As you would expect, hundreds of foodies replied with their favourite places to get their fill. The clear winner? Italy.

1. Italy

2. Thailand

3. Malaysia

4. Singapore

5. Japan

6. India

7. Spain

8. Vietnam

9. China

10. France

Guess what, I’ve been to 7 out of the Top 10. I’ll head over to Italy, Thailand and India soon (fingers crossed).

I love food and I live to eat.

Here are some of my favorite food I’ve nommed during my trips.

Malaysia: Satay
Why I like it: Meat on sticks!

Singapore: Cajun chicken from chain Botak Jones.
Why I like it: Yeah, I know Cajun chicken is not “Singaporean” but it’s one of the better stuff I like here. Plus, most of the food available in Singapore are also present in Malaysia so I wouldn’t say they are “Uniquely Singapore”.

Japan: Sushi and sashimi
Why I like it: Melt in your mouth raw fish slices with rice. Oishii!

Spain: Churros
Why I like it: I liked it in the beginning: fried dough and melted chocolate. Then it got sticky and too much to handle.

Vietnam: Pho
Why I like it: I never liked raw vegetable, until I had pho. I love hot soupy dishes and the noodles are a perfect match with the medium rare beef stripes.

China: Dumpling soup
Why I like it: I love hot soupy dishes (am I repeating myself?) and meat. Dumpling dishes such as this wanton (hundun) soup dish is the best comfort food.

France: Buttered baguette with ham
Why I like it: Baguette, ham and picnique. Case closed.

5 thoughts on “Munching through 7 of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 food destinations

  1. Indonesia once again gets the shaft. If LP readers knew that Indonesia couldn’t just be abbreviated to a certain four-letter word, I’d hope the archipelago would be on this list too. Turkey not listed either? Well, this is why individuals create blogs…

    1. I agree that the list is biased. I suspect Singapore is on the list only because it’s usually a stopover location so more tourists visit and it gets mentions on LP ranks. Maybe we should swap it with Indonesia. (Jus alpukat rocks!)
      I’m biased about Malaysia so I’m keeping it on the list. ;)

      1. Malaysia de caiguan mai bumai laolizhi? Hen kexi, wo buneng zai zhetai diannao xie zhongwen…would you say that there’s a vast difference in the cuisine of Sabah and Sarawak? Or, if you went to Kota Kinabalu, and then to Kucing, are the Dayak out in full force selling local eats;)? Which is the best option to get from Georgetown to Malakka? That would make for a good, non-stop digestive extravaganza!

      2. 很努力地想, laolizhi是老荔枝吗?
        I’ve only been to Kuching so I can’t comment on Sabah vs Sarawak cuisine, although I do see a difference between the popular Chinese food back home in Sabah(生肉面) vs Sarawak (kolo mee).当然是生肉面好吃。
        From Penang to Melaka, there should be buses.

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