My Japan trip through Facebook

I like to blame my lack of travel journalling on Facebook. I mean, come on, it’s much easier to upload a photo and one sentence than make the effort to type out 3 paragraphs of the day’s journey.

Also, my friend are more likely to comment on a Facebook post than a TL;DR post.

That’s why I am experimenting with “My Facebook travel journal”.

Here’s my Japan trip, retold through my Facebook updates.

For, the gallery format isn’t the best to present my experiment nor is the slideshow function. So I’ve decided to insert them one-by-one. (Who says journaling is easier?

I happen to have two Facebook accounts, one personal, one for work. I’ve included both of them here.

I’ve also used Paint (my fav image editor. Kidding!) to censor my friends’ names for their privacy.

I think the Facebook-journal format can work well to interpret books like Dracula, which already is in epistolary form.

So, what do you think of Facebook as a travel journal? How can I present it better?

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