5 transportation I took during my travels

I rarely take taxis when travelling. One main reason is that I am stingy thrifty. The other reason is that it’s more interesting to take the public transport and see how the locals travel. Train in Yogyakarta The ladies-only carriage was among the Top 10 Things I Love about Central Java D and I were travelling from Jogja to Solo on the local train. Some … Continue reading 5 transportation I took during my travels

Stayed Favehotel Wahid Hasyim, Jakarta review

The part I dislike most about travelling is looking for accommodation. I take too much time reading reviews and worrying about bed bugs. I ended up choosing Favehotel Wahid Hasyim (pronounced FAV, not fave as I thought it was) because it has airport transport (at an extra cost). Also, it didn’t look like it had bed bugs. I’m not sure how much extra we had … Continue reading Stayed Favehotel Wahid Hasyim, Jakarta review

Indonesian Nasi Bali

#FoodFri Glutton in Jakarta

It’s lunchtime here in Singapore so I thought it’s an appropriate time to launch this week’s #FoodFri. I was in Jakarta last weekend and was quite disappointed by the food there. But I only have myself to blame. Despite all the research on food in Glodok, I didn’t really jot down the locations nor print out a Google Map of Chinatown. Well, not everything was … Continue reading #FoodFri Glutton in Jakarta