A trip to erotic temple Candi Sukuh: Part 3

It’s Friday again! And I will end of my three-part post of the visit to Candi Sukuh the erotic temple with a bit about food since Fridays are FoodFri here.

Part one talks about how I got to Candi Sukuh while part two is about how I was surrounded by symbolic penes.

After combing the site for graphic sculptures of dicks (sorry mom!), we set back for the flat lands. (Maybe I should clarify that I was the only one looking for dicks, not knowing that I was surrounded by symbolic penes.)

Our motorcyclists took us back to the little town where we ordered two glasses of coffee from the shop next door. The lady owning the stall was tonguetied when we asked her for the price. I imagined her brain making calculations of how much extra charge she could get away with.

The price wasn’t too expensive but we didn’t even get to have two sips of the coffee as the bus back into Karangpandan was here.

Overcharged kopi
Overcharged kopi

Lunch time

There were a lot of school kids on the bus but they didn’t sit. D said they probably paid less and weren’t allowed to sit. Or maybe they like standing.

Just hanging around after school.
Just hanging around after school. (Not the bus I took)

At Karangpandan, I went to one of the convenience stores to get some pain killers for my head.

We stopped by a small warung run by a lady with her daughters. The eatery was a wooden shack by the roadside with an aluminium roof.

Warung menu
Warung menu
warung deco
warung deco

We sat on the floor and ate two person’s portion of lunch. I had fried chicken and some sweet tea. The avocado juice was really amazing too.

sweet tea
sweet tea

We lazed around the warung for a long while before we headed back to the bus terminal for the bus to Solo.

Before we left, I took a photo of the newspaper front page which proudly proclaimed: “Solo nominated as one of the seven most amazing cities in the world, beating Jakarta and Singapore.”

Solo wins
Solo wins

Follow my 3-part adventures to Candi Sukuh:
In part 1, we took the bus which played sexy music videos while in part 2, I was surrounded by symbolic dicks which I took for home deco.

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