Happy 3rd birthday, YQtravelling.com

It was YQtravelling.com’s third birthday on January 8. It slipped my mind so I’m making it up with this post.

Rainbow cake
The place where I got this cake went bust. :<

Like my past two birthday posts (first, second), I’ll recap some of the best posts of the year. It’s fun to see that the top 10 ranking is slightly different each year (even when not considering new posts).

17. 5.5 reasons why you should not quit your job to travel [Asian edition]

13. 5 reasons you should quit your job to travel
While there are pros and cons to leaving your job to travel (not permanently), life returns back to normal after the trip. So if you’ve really wanted to quit work and travel, I advise saving up, travel and return to work. (In that order)

10. FAQ Tips on taking train from Singapore to Malaysia

9. Singapore’s most WTF: Haw Par Villa
An old post that I’m glad to see up here because Haw Par Villa is still the craziest place I’ve been to in Singapore.

8. Cheap eats: Changi Airport Staff Canteen (Terminal 1)

7. Exploring Tokyo’s red light district at night

6. How to buy a Xiaomi phone during the sale

5. Where to buy discounted entrance tickets to S.E.A. Aquarium
Since publishing this post, S.E.A. Aquarium has started having really good promos. (Disclosure, I work for Resorts World Sentosa which owns S.E.A. Aquarium.)

4. Chili Padi Nyonya Cafe: My favorite high tea buffet
I really should go back here one of these days. I miss the creamy laksa.

3. Choosing a bus from Singapore to JB

2. How to beat AirAsia’s b**s**t extra charges
AirAsia has changed their booking system. But if you apply the advice here, then you’re in good hands.

1. Tips on taking train from Singapore to Malaysia
Online booking of night train doesn’t seem to work. But the grouchy KTM employees (who resent me breaking up their flirting session) told me the train is still operating.

Italian tiramisu
Italian tiramisu.

What’s next for the fourth year?

I haven’t been the most hardworking blogger last year. This year, things will change!

I’ll be spicing up the blog with posts other than travelling.

What would you like to read? Tell me!

7 thoughts on “Happy 3rd birthday, YQtravelling.com

  1. Hi! Ive been thinking about quitting my job and travelling the world and i stumbled upon your blog. Im born and bred in sg and its really rare to find a local who has the courage and is really serious to do this! I was just wondering how life is like for u afte you return from your travels. Do u find it hard to find a job? Cos im worried abt how my decision to travel will compromise work experience and career progression in the future. I would be in my late twenties wo any experience and that scares me. Any advice?? (:

    1. Hey Felicia, thanks for dropping by! When I came back, it took me about half a year before I found a new job. And the best part is, the new job (the current one) is my “dream job”.
      I’m also in my late-20s which is a very good time to travel because we’re still energetic.
      If you need any travel planning advice, drop me a mail at yqtravelling@gmail.com.

  2. Let’s go to the Nyonya cafe!! I want Laksa – extra hum please hahahaa. I just want to read more travel hacks, city guides… esp on food hahahaa.

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