Happy 2nd birthday, YQtravelling.com

Tomorrow, January 8 is the second birthday of this blog. *insert trumpet sound* Since I blog on Tuesdays and Fridays, this birthday greeting comes one day in advance.

Three cheers to YQtravelling's second birthday.
Three cheers to YQtravelling’s second birthday.

I know it kind of kills the mood when I don’t talk about travelling. But but but, it’s once a year so bear with me while I talk about the past year for a bit.

Travel wise, last year was pretty crazy and writing a post for each day of my RTW was crazy too.

As for other highlights of the year.

  • I was on Runaway Juno, talking about my hometown, Kota Kinabalu.
  • I started my newsletter list in January 2013. (Check out the very first edition here.)
    As a birthday wish, could you sign up for the newsletter, please? You’ll receive future updates from me sporadically.
  • I started posting on Instagram in April in Sri Lanka.

Top posts in my second-year

Last year, I did a recap of the Top 5 posts at YQtravelling during its first year. This time I’m extending the list to Top 10 because too many old posts are still in the top 5.

No 10: Tips to maximize your trip to Genting (February 2013)
I spent a great weekend at Genting Highlands last year and did a post to help save time and money when visiting the resort. Unfortunately, a few months afterwards, the outdoor theme park was closed and they are now building a new foreign-branded theme park.

No 9: Why visitors should get the Singapore Tourist Pass

No 8: How to book AirAsia Free Seats

No 7: Don’t date a girl who travels (February 2013)
The day before Valentine’s Day, I wrote a post that will secure me in the ranks of perpetual singledom. You are welcomed.

No 6: Chilli Padi Nonya Café: My favorite high tea buffet in Singapore (February 2013)
One of my favorite place for high tea in Singapore. The food is yums and the price affordable.

No 5: Cheap eats: Changi Airport Staff Canteen (Terminal 1) (March 2013)
If you are in Singapore’s Changi Airport, do check out the staff canteen where the food is cheap and the atmosphere cheerful.

No 4: Choosing a bus from Singapore to JB

No 3: Exploring Tokyo’s red light district at night

No 2: How to beat AirAsia’s b***s**t extra charges

No 1: Tips on taking train from Singapore to Malaysia

How has your 2013 of travelling been? Share them in the comments below.

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