Welcome to Weekend Traveller series: Pros & cons of weekend travel

  • Do you complain about the lack of annual leave at your work place?
  • Do you want something more from your weekend than sleeping in till noon?
  • Do you ask yourself, “What did I do during the weekend?” as the days were too unmemorable?

If you’ve answered “YES” to all three questions, perhaps it is time you try travelling during the weekend.

Travel more by travelling during the weekend.
Travel more by travelling during the weekend.

[Photo credit: Duane Mendoza]

Before I quit my job for this round-the-world trip, I was travelling quite a lot despite only having 20 days of annual leave. I wanted to get away from the busy life in Singapore so I was plotting at least one trip each month.

Many of these trips did not require me to take days off my annual leave because I chose to travel during the weekend.

Welcome to the start of the “Weekend Traveller” series where I share my tips on why you should travel more during the weekends, how to choose a weekend destination, how to prepare for a weekend trip and other related information.

The Weekend Traveller will appear every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. Here are some of the topics I have in mind:

  • Should you be a weekend traveller? Pros and cons of weekend travel
  • How to choose a destination (time, cost)
  • How to pack for a weekend
  • Research to make every second count
  • Making your personal guidebook
  • What to do when travelling
  • What to do when you are back
  • Useful sites for booking and useful smartphone apps

If you think there are more that I can touch on, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Let’s start this week’s discussion with the pros and cons of weekend travel.

Pros of travelling during the weekend

  • Travel more: There are 52 weekends in a year so you get to travel beyond the days you have in your annual leave.
  • Use less annual leave: Annual leaves are best used in chunks so you can travel to further destinations and spend more time there.
  • Weekends will be more interesting: No more weekends filled with sleeping in until noon and Youtube watching. You get to go out and smell different air.
  • Less luggage: A backpack of clothes is sufficient for a weekend trip which cuts down on luggage cost on budget airlines.

Cons of travelling during the weekend

  • Short time: Even if you travel during Friday night and reach your home early Monday morning, weekend trips are really short.
  • More expensive: When you consider that your air ticket is split into only 2 days of expenses, it can be more expensive than a week’s trip.
  • Tiring: Trying to pack loads of sights and things-to-do into 2 days can drain your energy.

Are you convinced that being a Weekend Traveller is for you? If so, join me in 2 weeks when I discuss how to choose a location for a weekend trip.

If you are not yet convinced, read on and see if you change your mind.

Are you a Weekend Traveller? Which places have you visited during the weekends? What related topics do you want me to cover?

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