tsuke men

#FoodFri Glutton in Tokyo 2

This is a follow up of Glutton in Tokyo part 1 which I posted last week. On Day 2 of my Tokyo trip, I walked around Shinjuku waiting for the day to end so I can spend the night at Ooedo Onsen Monogatari’s hot springs. Tsuke-men I visited the Tokyo Municipal Building around noon. As it was a Sunday, most of the shops under the … Continue reading #FoodFri Glutton in Tokyo 2

Floating udon

#FoodFri My love affair with Japanese food

When I was a kid, having Japanese food was a rare treat. The Japanese restaurant that my family goes to most often started its business when I was just in high school. The place was different from the usual rowdy Chinese restaurants and had beautiful finished puzzles of Japanese beauties on the wall. Each university vacation, my parents would take the family to the Japanese … Continue reading #FoodFri My love affair with Japanese food