Stayed: Value Hotel Balestier, Singapore, review

My parents bunked at Value Hotel Balestier when they came to visit in Singapore early this month.

I was looking for a place that fits three persons in a room because I wanted to overnight with them during the weekend to make it easier for sightseeing.

The room was S$129 on regular nights, and S$139 on Saturday nights. After the 10 percent service charge and 7 percent Goods & Service Tax (GST), the price comes to about S$150. Quite reasonable for three people.

Superior plus at Value Hotel Balestier

The room that we got, Superior Plus, has a queen-sized bed and a sofa bed. I didn’t pick the room with windows because who actually need a window? (Please tell me why you need one if you do.)

The room is small, as expected in Singapore, but I think there will be enough space for two large luggage.

the extra sofa bed

The sofa bed was surprisingly comfortable. It was firm, unlike some foam beds which crush under any weight.


At the dressing table, there is a plastic kettle, three glasses and three bottles of water which are replenished everyday. Hairdryer hidden in the drawer.

There was a DVD player, TV with cable TV programs (which weren’t half as scandalous as the stuff I watched on HBO in San Jose) but no mini-fridge (a pity!).

the loo

The bathroom is equipped with toothbrush sets, shampoo, soap and toilet paper which are all replenished daily.

I had to ask for a Wi-Fi password slip from the receptionist. It said it’s chargeable by S$10 but it wasn’t billed. Not sure if that’s the usual case.


If you are familiar with the Singapore public transport, Balestier Road isn’t a bad location. There are buses to the shopping strip Orchard Road.

But the location’s not fantastic because it’s not near an MRT station, it takes a bus ride to reach Novena station.

Taxi fare in Singapore is relatively cheap (compared to Tokyo) so if you have more than 2 people in a group, taking a cab is often cheaper and faster than the bus.

Finding the place

On Balestier Road, there are THREE Value Hotels, a Fragrance Hotel and some Hotel 81’s. To get to the right Value Hotel *Balestier*, here’s what was included in my receipt:
“By taxi, inform the taxi driver to bring you to Value Hotel Balestier located at 218 Balestier Road (opposite the temple where durians are being sold)”


Stayed: Value Hotel Balestier, Singapore, review
Good for family of three
Pro: Not too expensive, comfy beds
Cons: Not central

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This strange niece

Met two aunts for lunch today. Aunt 1 had told Aunt 2 that I will be going to Japan. I sense that Aunt 2 isn’t too happy for me.

Aunt 2 asked, “So you pay for the plane tickets?”
I said, “Actually, I pay for everything.”
Then Aunt 2 gave this “I can’t believe this” laugh. I imagine she thinks I’m a girl who likes to waste money going overseas, six weeks some more!

Well, I’m not asking her to sponsor me. I can go if I wish to.

Then went to uncle’s place. Uncle is aunt 2’s husband and they are my kindly 3-year bond sponsors.

I told uncle about Japan. He nodded and asked, “So you’re taking Japanese now?”
I said, “No.”
He asked (surprised), “Then why are you going to Japan?”
“Well, I’ve taken Japanese before and I want to see the world.”
He asked, “Your French?”
“Level four.”
“Can you read documents?”
“I can’t really read the papers but no problem with comics.”
“At least…”

I wonder what they would say if I went to France for immersion. France is on the other side of the world and the plane tix (wait a minute, plane tix is about the same as to Japan, actually.)

I’m probably a selfish girl, who doesn’t know the value of money, in their eyes. But, but, I’ve been Girl-on-a-Budget for so long!!!

I believe I deserve to go and I’ll make it come true!