Thailand, my 2012 destination

A post inspired by the Travel Belles:

Welcome to Across the Cafe Table where every second Wednesday we ask a question and share our answers

Question this month: In 2012 where do you most want to go but haven’t yet, & why?

Thai temple in Penang

I’ve not set foot in the Land of Smiles yet. It seems to be the destination to go for Malaysians and Singaporeans. Of course, growing up on the other side of the South China Sea means it will be a bit more difficult for me to get air tickets there.

I heard that Bangkok is wonderful for its clothes/food/cosmetics/shopping/everything/people/temples. My mom said Chiang Mai was nice. And then there’s the Thai towns just across the Malaysian borders.

If it’s for a shopping or eating trip in Bangkok, I have plenty of airlines to pick from. In fact, AirAsia just added another flight in the late evening.

Or, I could take the sleeping bunk on the Malaysian train and take a whole 24 hours to get to Bangkok.

So many choices! I must visit Thailand by the end of the year.

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