This strange niece

Met two aunts for lunch today. Aunt 1 had told Aunt 2 that I will be going to Japan. I sense that Aunt 2 isn’t too happy for me.

Aunt 2 asked, “So you pay for the plane tickets?”
I said, “Actually, I pay for everything.”
Then Aunt 2 gave this “I can’t believe this” laugh. I imagine she thinks I’m a girl who likes to waste money going overseas, six weeks some more!

Well, I’m not asking her to sponsor me. I can go if I wish to.

Then went to uncle’s place. Uncle is aunt 2’s husband and they are my kindly 3-year bond sponsors.

I told uncle about Japan. He nodded and asked, “So you’re taking Japanese now?”
I said, “No.”
He asked (surprised), “Then why are you going to Japan?”
“Well, I’ve taken Japanese before and I want to see the world.”
He asked, “Your French?”
“Level four.”
“Can you read documents?”
“I can’t really read the papers but no problem with comics.”
“At least…”

I wonder what they would say if I went to France for immersion. France is on the other side of the world and the plane tix (wait a minute, plane tix is about the same as to Japan, actually.)

I’m probably a selfish girl, who doesn’t know the value of money, in their eyes. But, but, I’ve been Girl-on-a-Budget for so long!!!

I believe I deserve to go and I’ll make it come true!

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