Update on JP

Went to Chinatown today to ask the travel agents about my tour and plane tixs to Japan.

Went to six tour agents after gathering handful of fliers.

Tour agency #1 said I can go as I planned: From SG to JP on their tour, then come back to SG in Aug. But I can only fly from Tokyo or it’ll cost a lot more.

Tour agency #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6 didn’t want to take my case because their plane tix are only for 21 days.

Tour agency #2 is ASA Holidays and the lady wasn’t too polite. Hello! I’m a (potential) customer, I know you’re busy and all that but at least be polite! Sheesh!!

Makes me wonder if the first tour agency had been wrong on the first place. GAAAAAAAA!

Anyone interested in 6 day trip to Japan at S$1699? Please?!


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