Visited: Mint Toy Museum, Singapore

I had the chance to visit the Mint Museum of Toys courtesy of a Groupon which made the entrance fee slightly less than half price.

The museum is located right opposite the Raffles Hotel, there’s a sign pointing to it right where the street begins. It’s not that difficult to find since the sign is pretty big.

The place has five floors–entrance on first floor with four exhibition levels. The levels are themed and you start from the top floor: Outerspace, Characters, Childhood favorites and Collectibles.

The floor space is really cramped and half the time I have to wait for someone and their date to finish staring/photgraphing/commenting on the exhibitions before I could politely look at the stuff.

No toy story

The exhibited items stand side-by-side in the small glass displays. There were many many toys, some identical to the other.

One thing I found lacking about the exhibition was the lack of explanation. I love reading about stuff as much as I do looking at them. So there wasn’t much stories about the toys there.

Also it was a bit sad to think that some of the toys had never been played with. (Toy Story 2 plot!) But maybe it’s better for the toy not to be touched.

My favorite exhibit: old school Disney’s Cinderella poster

Buy one free one, Snow White poster

A bit too exp

If it weren’t for the Groupon, I don’t think I would have gone there.

It’s S$15 for adults. And for a less than one hour exhibition, I’d spend it somewhere else.

Anyway, it’s not that good a place for dates neither because of the crampness–unless you deliberately want to brush past your date. ;)

Here’s an antique Barbie to make all of us feel better.

Have you been to Mint? Did you like it?

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