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I love train travel and you should too: Day 4 of #indie30

Prompt #4: What is your favorite method of overland travel and why? I didn’t mind bus travelling a lot but after being violently car sick in Peru, I’ve decided that my favorite overland travel is by train. With train travel you get to: skip traffic jam go at a slow pace with not as much sudden turns (so you won’t get motion sickness) see cute … Continue reading I love train travel and you should too: Day 4 of #indie30

My travel style: Day 3 of #indie30

Prompt #3: What is your travel style? I’ve mentioned in the blog a couple of times that I’m an introvert who doesn’t make a lot of friends while travelling because I prefer enjoy being alone. But in an extroverted world, I feel ashamed to admit that in real life. When I tell people that I prefer to be alone when travelling, they usually give me … Continue reading My travel style: Day 3 of #indie30

i love singapore postcard

With love from Singapore + postcard giveaway

Hello everybody, it’s YQ writing from Singapore. Yes, I am back in the land I am most familiar with. Yes, I’m more familiar with Singapore than my hometown Kota Kinabalu.

It’s been more than a week since I came back and I am now in full job hunting mode. I’ll update you guys on my job search if I have any happy news. Oh, if you know anyone in Singapore hiring writers, do drop me a mail at hello@yqtravelling.com.

I am actually very glad to be back in Singapore, for five reasons:
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