My travel style: Day 3 of #indie30

Prompt #3: What is your travel style?

I’ve mentioned in the blog a couple of times that I’m an introvert who doesn’t make a lot of friends while travelling because I prefer enjoy being alone.

But in an extroverted world, I feel ashamed to admit that in real life. When I tell people that I prefer to be alone when travelling, they usually give me strange looks.

Once, someone asked, “What do you do to have fun? How do you share the moment that you were having?”

Luckily, smartphones and social networks take care of this part about sharing the fun.

Once in a while, I would make one or two friends on the road. These people usually end up being more than just the regular hi-bye friends that you add on Facebook and promptly forget.

It’s important to travel the way you are comfortable with. While I was in Peru, I forgot how awkward being in a homestay is. When I switched to a private room in the hostel, I was the happiest person on that part of the world.

Don’t let other people discourage you from travelling the way you want.

It’s your life, take the steering wheels.

This post is part of 30 Days of Indie Travel Art Project.

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