I don’t think homestays are for me

My luggage and I moving out

I moved out of my homestay in Arequipa on Sunday. I realized that I was a lot more happy when I can make a huge mess of my hostel room without feeling embarrassed.

I’m not a very good homestay guest. I like to stay in my room when I get back. I like to shower twice in a day. I like to stay near the city center.

The other time I was in a homestay was in Japan.

All my homestays start off the same:

  1. Super excited before the homestay
  2. Awkward/shy introducing myself to host.
  3. Try not to be an obstacle to their lives
  4. Hosts are so hospitable I feel bad that I’m not as open and friendly
  5. Feel miserable not being able to live as I want
  6. Homestay ends

I do have a friend who did a homestay in France and loved her experience. She still contacts the host family and the little boys (now grown up). The difference between her and I is that she’s an extrovert who enjoys having active fun. My opinion of fun is the internet and books.

Have you been in a homestay? How was your experience?

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