Eating at a traditional picanteria [YQrtw Day 97 Jul 15]

Location: Arequipa, Peru

I’m only taking the usual four hours of Spanish lessons this week. This means that I have a really long lunch time.

For today’s lunch, my schoolmate N brought me and her teacher to a picanteria (local restaurant) near where I used to stay.

La Capitana, Arequipa, Peru
La Capitana, Arequipa, Peru

The picanteria felt like it was a long taxi ride away.

On the taxi, the teacher (who’s my age) told us about a bachelorette party her friend had. The friends were thinking of whether they should hire male strippers because the bride-to-be is religious.

The restaurant was packed with people having lunch. There were a mix of people from all walks of life. People in office wear and people in “dressed down” wear all share tables in this midsized restaurant.

Walls of La Capitana
Walls of La Capitana

We shared a jar of chicha, a deep purple drink made of fermented corn. It’s an acquired taste and I prefer Fanta Grape (which I hate) over chicha.

My meal was chicharron which reminded me a lot of 烧肉 which is Chinese roasted pork.

Pork at La Capitana
Pork at La Capitana

After lunch, we walked back to the city center. I dropped off my laundry at one of the laundry places. I have to admit that I have not used a washing machine for the past 3 months. I’ve always washed my laundry by hand.

Laundry here is quite cheap. The place I went to charges 3 soles (S$1.50) per kilogram. My bag of dirty clothes were 2kg.

Visiting the Confucius Institute in Arequipa

I also headed to the Confucius Institute which is just down the road from the hostel.

They had a small museum with very Chinese things.

Small museum at Confucius Institute in Arequipa
Small museum at Confucius Institute in Arequipa

My favorite display was the little porcelain figurines of past emperors and empress. I looked among the mini men to find the only female emperor in Chinese history.

Empress Wu
Empress Wu

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