I finally have my Japanese visa and I have information on my host family!

This sticker costed me nights of worry. I finally have it!


Another news, the travel agent here tells me that I do not need a transit visa. I will call the airlines tomorrow to double check.

I have info on my host family. I won’t post much about their private info.

My hosts are Mr J, Mrs J and K-kun (who likes games). I will be sleeping in a five-tatami room on a sofa bed.

They have a total of five animals. Yes, you’ve read right. FIVE animals. I don’t mind animals but I’ve never been around FIVE animals. And they’ve never showed a family with FIVE animals in J-dramas. Good thing I’m not allergic.

Oh, I’m expected to help walk the dogs. Perhaps I can exercise and explore the neighborhood and take lots and lots of pictures ^___^. Cool.

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