Terrible experiment: Shall I get a Japanese-sounding name?

Decided that I won’t be a prude and post this up:

My name Yun Qing in Chinese is written as 韻情. The Mandarin
pronunciation of “u” in “Yun” is not found in English and it’s not in
Japanese neither.

I found something online about the “u”: ü as the German umlauted u. Do you speak German? I don’t.

Then it’s the Qing. It isn’t pronounced “king”, in pinyin the “q” is “ch”. So it’s “ching” in Mandarin.

Oh, I forgot to add that Yun is the 4th tone and Qing is the second. Good luck!

I don’t feel like saying my name again and again. So, I have to come up
with something easier to pronounce. And I don’t want names like Mary,
Jane or Elizabeth.  (Wasn’t thinking about English queens when I typed
those names, I swear!)

I went online to search for pronunciations of Chinese characters (kanji) and came up with this:

Kanji: Pinyin: Japanese pronunciation
韻: Yun: in
情: Qing: jyo (from feelings: kanjyo. closest thing I can find)

So should my name in Japanese be In-jyo? Hope it doesn’t pun with anything rude. Fingers crossed.

Oh my ceiling cat, it can be written as “horny-girl”. Found it as a link of an SM hotel.

shit! good thing I found out before doing something that stupid. I’m sticking with Yun Qing. Thanks for the not-rude name, Mom!

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