manga or anime?

I posted on Facebook that I’m now reading One Piece. A friend then asked if I’ve seen the anime. That got me thinking, why do I like manga more than anime?

I started off reading manga before watching anime. But the anime Slam Dunk is what made me fall in love with the Japanese language. It’s a lot harder to find Japanese manga here too.

I love how manga is different from novels. WIth a manga, you don’t have to have the story play out in your head, the manga-ka has drawn it all out. But I’ve also discovered that my imagination becomes rusty if I neglect novels.

I like manga because they’re much quicker to finish than an anime. In an anime, the story is usually 30 minutes, but with a book, you can zip pass it really quick and start reading another book.

With manga, the characters are usually drawn with more details. “Usually” because I *have* seen some anime characters that look better than the original manga characters.

With manga, you can turn back the pages and laugh ten more times. In an anime, it’s much harder to rewind and rewind.

I love manga. They’re portable, small and can be read anywhere.

I’ll always love manga more than anime.

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