I want to buy: make up ;D

I admit that I’m a beginner when it comes to make up. The most I can do (and not mess up) is brush on powder foundation, blush and swipe on mascara. But  foundation makes my skin look bumpy, my blush rusts in half a day and my eyelashes don’t curl. Ha ha ha!

BUT! I want to buy make up in Japan! Do you know that they have the cutest/ prettiest/ fantastic packaging? Just looking at it brings out the anti-girl-on-a-budget in me.

I’m usually sensible when it comes to money (yes, you can stay stingy) but when I look at the Japanese cosmetics ads, I feel the urge to get one (or ALL!) They’re so pretty!!!

A good point of getting make up in Japan is that they’re probably cheaper than buying in SG or MY. There wouldn’t be extra shipping charges. AND I get to choose newly released products, but knowing me. I might choose last season stuff if they’re cheaper.

So here’s a (boring) list of make up I would like to buy. I’m not including things that are out of my budget or it will turn into a “things I wish I have enough money to buy”.

Majorica Majolca mascara


Yes, your lashes will reach your glasses and stain them if you use this mascara.
-I have really oily eyelids so I look like a panda by the end of the day if I use wrong mascaras. It’s  really tricky for me to buy mascaras. I now have Dejavu Fiberwig (bought on sale, of course) and as they have black fibers instead of paint, I look normal.
-MajoMajo’s mascara has positive reviews and one review says that it’s really hard to remove. Does that mean it’ll stay on my lashes? I hope!

Gel eyeliner from KATE


KATE’s available in Singapore and Malaysia but I’ve not seen the gel eyeliner yet. And if my theory of no-shipping-charge is right, buying it from Japan will save me money. :D
My oily lids prevent me from using pencil liners and with liquid liner, I look like I used a permanent marker on my eyes. I can’t afford expensive gel liners so KATE’s a good thing to try.

I can only think of two products I want (for now, heh heh). WIll update when the spending-demon in me crawls out.   

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