About me


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I started this travel blog when I was off to Japan for a summer program during the long break after my third year in university, sort of a way to keep in touch with my friends without the need to write individual e-mails. The actual blog moved from Xanga, to Posterous and now it has found its home here on WordPress.

The blog then morphed into a place for me to jot down my travel experiences in other places. Unfortunately I had not been diligent enough doing this.

Starting 2012, I will be putting effort in maintaining this space. Watch out for more!

1. Who am I?

I’m a travel enthusiast based in Singapore, just recently graduated from an arm-chair traveller to one that goes on real trips.

Thanks to the many budget airlines flying in Southeast Asia and Asia, I’ll be able to see much of the region before venturing out.

When not travelling or blogging, I am watching French musicals on Youtube and trying to pass the next round in my old PC games. Or eating.

2. Why yqtravelling as my handle?

My initials are YQ, and I happen to want to tell everyone in the world that I am travelling.

Actually, it was inspired by Holly Golightly from the book “Breakfast at Tiffany”. Her mailbox has a card saying: Miss Holiday Golightly, Traveling, which I took to mean that the place is not her permanant home–kind of like my situation now.

3. What are your travel plans?

I’m trying to visit all 13 Malaysian states within the year. This is easy since travelling from Singapore to the Peninsula Malaysia is a piece of cake. (Blog post idea!)

As for 2012, I’ve bought tickets to visit Vietnam twice and Indonesia. I’m also thinking of planning a trip to the Philippines and Thailand during the year.

My biggest wish is to do a Round the World trip in 2013. You’ll find out which stage I am at for this wish soon.

4. What will you be writing about here?

Besides my trips, I’ll also talk about fun stuff to do in Singapore for travellers and also other related travel tips–for now I’m only thinking about prepaid phones.

If you have any questions about travelling in Singapore and Malaysia, drop me a tweet or comment in my posts.

You can keep in touch with me through my Twitter account @yqtravelling ro e-mail me here: yqtravelling<@>gmail.com. And also Like me on Facebook for updates.

18 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi! very nice blog! i am also a travel enthusiast like you. I have conquered almost 1/2 of the countries in the world …. from Asia to Eastern Europe. Good luck to you.

  2. Hi,

    i’m trying to book an overnight express from JB to KL on ktmb.com.my but it shows me only trips starting at 9am in the morning!?! What i am doing wrong?? :D

  3. Hi YQ,
    I have read your post about walking through Malaysia-Thailand border. I wanna try it this March with my girl. We’ll take a train from KL to Padang Besar Railway station, get off there and walk through the border. Is the border far from the railway station?

    1. Hello!
      I’m curious why you want to walk across the border. The whole journey is really really really dull and sunny.
      I believe The train will automatically take you into Thailand if you buy the right ticket.
      I saw the train station on the bus but I’m not sure about the exact location. Sorry I can’t help much.

      1. Coz we believe that’s the cheapest way and we don’t want spend much time for the immigration stuff if we cross the border with train. AEC coach cost only RM 24 but it’s only available to Padang Besar not to Hat Yai. We don’t care about the hot sun as we come from a far east island (Ambon, Mollucas) which is much hotter than Malaysia/Thailand for sure. Anyway, thanks for your reply yq! :)

      2. Are you planning to head to Hat Yai? I think you might have better luck getting a bus there. Or even buy the ticket at the Thai-side of Padang Besar.
        There is no bus terminal at the other side of the border of Thailand. You’ll need to walk a lot to get to the nearest town.
        Good luck.

  4. helloowww YQ, im junita from jakarta, indonesia
    i just sent you a direct email, hope a kindly help from you

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