A hostel is not an ISFP’s natural habitat

Despite my blog title being “YQ, travelling ISFP”, I haven’t talked much about being an ISFP while travelling.

Nobody wants to be lonely?

Part of the reason was that I’ve been travelling with my friends so the shy-ISFP part of me is dormant.

But for this trip, I needed to stay in hostels to save money. Since day 1 of hostelling, I realized how serious the introvert part of me could be.

It’s a bit of a generalization to say all ISFPs are like me, but here’s a few things I found out about myself during this trip:

  • I am comfortable being alone.
  • I can talk to strangers but only in a small groups (of two).
  • I try to avoid crowds (difficult when the hang out area is on the way to the bathroom).
  • I smile at people but avoid actively greeting them in case I’m brought into a conversation (or maybe that’s the Asian part of me).
  • I take an extra 15 minutes pretending to pack my stuff for the shower, all this while, I’m bracing myself for the walk past the crowd.
  • When I walk past the crowd at the hangout area, I look at the floor or my destination and AVOID EYE CONTACT.
  • After showering/washing my hands, I stare at the mirror. Again, bracing myself for the crowd.
  • I cringe when I am brought to attention among a crowd.
  • I dislike being in crowds, just thinking about it makes my stomach churn in a bad way.
  • I think it’s very nice that other people can be carefree when they are in a crowd. I want to do that but just thinking about it stresses me out.
  • I cannot flirt even if I think if someone in the hostel is cute. (Usually my flirting skills involve AVOID EYE CONTACT or a faint smile that looks like I have muscle cramps.)
  • Even if there is only one wall socket in the room, I’d rather not go out into the hangout area to charge my laptop.

I would say I am comfortable being socially awkward so I’m not very sure if I want to be hyperactive and friendly while on the road.

What’s your personality type and how are you like when you travel?

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5 thoughts on “A hostel is not an ISFP’s natural habitat

  1. I went from ENTP to INTP to INTJ. I like travelling in a small group like around 5-6 people, but I will be the quiet one. Like the one who is on the edge of group. But at the same time, I get nervous around people so I end up blabbering. So I’m kinda like the ultra quiet/noisy one. I think my experience overseas made me comfortable with talking to strangers coz they love to tell me stories! So I guess I’m ok with making small talk here and there. I tend to go off on my own when I’m with groups too. LOL never tried to flirt before so I dont know about that haha.

    1. I found out I am now an INSP, but not quite sure how it differs from ISFP.
      I’ve not travelled in packs of 5 before. Even in a gang of 3, I feel that someone gets left out.

  2. Sound pretty familiar to me. I never check in at hostels, I want my privacy. If Im lonely I go out.
    :-). Im a happy ISFP. People don’t understand why I need time to be alone…

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