Aug 8 Last day

-Sorry for super long update! have a bit of time now for updating-


messy packing


Last day in school. Class will only start at 10:30am, so could stay back home a bit later.

Turns out, Meri had been awake since 5am, so okaasan and oba-chan didn’t have much sleep. Okaasan was also having a bad stomache ache, I guess it’s gastric, but not sure.

Asked okaasan to help me post my books and my suitcase. At first I had planned to cycle to the post office with my books, but then okaasan said she’ll help me post. She even cut a box to fit all my books. Now they are in a neat box. Thanks.

Off to school on the bike. THe back wheel felt funny, every four seconds there would be a bump. I didn’t know then that it was a flat tyre because it looked alright when I checked.

I cycled to DAISO to buy sunglasses cases and a fan. It was bloody hot. And the bumpy bike made the journey a whole lot worse. To my horror, DAISO only opens at 10am! And it was about 9:20 when I got there. FINE! I’ll cycle to the supermarket to get a drink.

Oh good, the doors are open. But why is it so dark? Oh no! It’s the cashiers preparing for the day. THe shop will only open at 10 too.

So in the hot weather, I cycled my bumpy bike back to the station. At least I caught the 9:31am train to school.


It felt funny that this will be the last time I’m riding the train to school. It didn’t felt like it was too long ago that okaasan brought me on the train and told me what stops are on the way.

Once I got to the stop, I decided to take the subway to class.




The classroom we have our non-language class is near a subway station one sop away. I wanted to use up my transportation pre-paid card. It still has 450 yen, no point bringing back a card worth RM15 that I can’t use. And for one-stop stations, it’s 100 yen. RM3 is not cheap for one stop but it’s very very cheap in Japan.

I arrived in class in time to catch my breath and cool down. Wawa showed me ARASHI’s video on her (new!) iPod. Now I feel like getting and mp4 player. Oh no, materialism. Will stop thinking of mp4s.

Then it was the finals. After 3 years of university, I’ve started to think that I can’t write good stuff. Yes, NM3219 is the best class to give you a punch in the stomach to tell you that: YOUR WRITING SUCKS!

that’s the feeling I get each time I go to tutorials. Good thing that’s history now. Bye bye!!


Back to life in Fukuoka. Wawa and I finished at around 11:30 and we went for lunch. Yesterday and today and probably tomorrow is the open school for Kyushu University. So we see lots of high school student in cute uniforms: sailor outfits, checkered skirts and very nice shirt and pants. Ha ha

At the canteen, the queue for noodles is so long. It was full of visiting high school students. In the end we did get our meals. I got beef udon, my favourite dish. Egg tofu is second to beef udon.


Then it was off to the school library. Wawa didn’t bring her library card, but luckily as it was open school, there was temporary cards for students to scan themselves in.

After that, it was evaluation time at the international hall. Lots and lots of paper to write our comments and stuff. As usual, I wrote in my own statistical numbers. Starting to think that I’m much more meaner than Aso.

After evaluation, it was the closing ceremony, which was really short. Shin gave a funny speech and Angelie a cute one. Then group photo and munch time.



Munch time involved keropok, soft drinks, photo taking, address writing, and some hugging and crying.




When I took my photos with the teachers, they were very encouraging. I didn’t have the courage to tell them that I’ll not be studying Japanese when I get back.



Toilet seat functions


Halfway throught the party, the rain poured. It only rained lightly on Sunday, but this rain was so heavy and the wind so strong that kids might be blown away.

I left at 5 plus. Rain was still pouring, I decided to go to Yume town before going back, to see if I can buy anything for the family and to use up my transportation card (350 yen to go!) 180 yen to Yume town and another 180 to get back. yeah!

At Yume town, I didn’t buy anything (because I’m a cheapo). And I took the bus back. TUrns out, it’s only 100 yen to get back, maybe cause I was stil in the time limit for bus changing. Oh no, now I have 70 yen in my bus card. Ha ha ha. what to do?

It was still raining, though not heavily when I got back. I wanted to go to Daiso but balancing a flat tyre bike and an umbrella is just too hard. I gave up and went back.

I will remember my last day in Fukuoka. Pushing my bike upslope, stepping in puddles in my holey slipper and balancing my umbrella on my shoulder. It’s funny that things like this happens just when you’re about to leave. It’s as if it’s a memory souvenir that Ceiling Cat wants me to have. Thanks!

Before dinner, okaasan helped me call the delivery company. The Black Cat delivery company has a cute logo of a mommy cat biting on a kitten’s neck. Wawa keeps on saying the delivery guys for the company are hot. But all I’ve seen are old uncles and an occasional hottie.

Okaasan called at 7:20pm and the guy came at 8:00pm. Such efficiency. And, yes, the one that came is kind of hot. (Look what you made me write! My parents will see this. ha ha) The guy that came wore a cap and looked sweaty (come to think of it, it’s probably rain, not sweat.) WHat else better than a man who can carry your heavy luggage? ha ha ha. enough stupid talk.

DInner was at the floor table. Very tricky because my feet has not gotten used to sitting on the floor. Dinner was taupok with tofu-chicken filling, fried stuff, and a thing that looked like fired eggplant but is not. :D

Took my last bath with lavendar bath soaking thing. I’ve come to like baths, even though it takes up a lot of time.

After bath, I was a bit sleepy. I went downstairs and Zathura (a bad version of Jumanji was on). I was hoping they would remember that Maou’s on today. They didn’t so I went up for a final packing.

I didn’t realise it, but my hand carry stuff is a lot. What the hell do I have? Ok, clothes (for seven days, a bit too much maybe.), some reading material (ok, three reading materials including my peeling GOne with the wind), toilettries and my laptop. THat’s all, but it takes up four bags! Oh no!!! What happened to the 10 days 4kg bag me??!

Didn’t sleep too late.


ATW is definitely a very fun program to join. You’ll learn Japanese, take sleepy classes after lunch and make friends. I’ll miss the semi vacation I have here. Fukuoka is also a good place to stay: just the right amount of development (good public transport) and just the right amount of kampung.

TO think that I didn’t even know such a place in Japan existed until I saw it in my sister’s magazine. Definitely will come back here, as a platform for travelling in other parts of Kyushu.

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