#FoodFri Penang cendol @ Georgetown

Cendol is probably my second favorite Malaysian dessert. (The first being “bubur pulut hitam” which is black glutinous rice soup with coconut milk.)

The best cendol I’ve ever had was in Georgetown, Penang.

Penang cendol

I usually like my cendol icy with lumps of teeth numbing ice so I was very disappointed when I got a warm-ish bowl of cendol from the “Penang Most Famous Teochew Chendul” (Yes, that’s its name!).

But after a sip of the coconut milk, I was hooked.

Even L, who was repulsed by the florescent green cendol in Singapore, enjoyed the Penang dish very much. She admitted that the mild green cendol looks more edible than the artificial coloring added in Singapore’s dessert.

L and I visited this stall for all three days we were there (or was it two out of the three days?)

The green worm-like cendol was soft and had real pandan flavor. The sweet red bean gave the pale milk a hint of rouge.

Even though the melting lump of shaved ice didn’t help much with making the bowl cooler, it helped cooled me down in the hot weather.

Best cendol stall in Georgetown
I found out about the stall from a work acquaintance. I bumped into her on my way home on the train. She said she visits Penang a lot for work and recommended the “cendol stall opposite the police station”.

She told me that there are stalls selling cendol on the same street. The acquaintance said I need to pick the stall with blue bowls. It’s also closer to the junction and doesn’t have chairs.

(This site has the map if you are interested in visiting the stall: http://www.onestopmalaysia.com/food-reviews/penang/penang-road-cendol.html)

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