Aug 7 Speech karaoke

[FINALLY! internet using my computer!!! can cry in happiness!]

Have no memory of what happened today if it were not for the photos. Long live digital cameras!!! And laptops, of course.

Tonight’s the farewell dinner with the family. Have to be back by 7:30pm.

Today’s the day of our Japanese language course presentation. Every level has to give a speech at the end of the program. Topic’s up to you and the length is only about 3 minutes.

I didn’t start writing the script until the last day we had to hand in for correction. There wasn’t much inspiration, and like always, inspiration did come at the end of desperation.

My topic is: The Real Japanese Culture. The theme is that I’m (stupidly) surprised to find that the real Japan is different from the things I’ve read about in comics and watched in dramas. Then I gave some examples (which I hope were funny).

Of course, I couldn’t memorize my script. I do not have the ability to do so. Making stuff up as you go is much more fun, don’t you think?

And, we have to have some sort of powerpoint presentation. I decided to stuff in pictures of comics and dramas and stuff. But I couldn’t get internet at home and didn’t find anything nice while I was in the school lib, I decided to wait until last minute to create my powerpoint slide.

I did just so when I got to school, but the computers there were so so so so slow. I was the last to go in before the presentations started.

I was the 12th so there was still time before my turn. Glad that I was able to understand the others’ speeches. There was a short break around the 9th person, off I went to the computer room next door and put in photos of the pets.

My turn came. It wasn’t too bad, at least some of the people were smiling. Sort of got the effect I want.


Then it was lunch time. Last lunch with Naomi and Sakiko. Sakiko’s bus back to her hometown is in the afternoon and she so kindly met us for lunch. Thanks lots


I had the daily’s special and finish the shredded cabbage. I dislike raw vegetable!



TOday, the SMAP standup board that was at the entrance of the canteen was opened up. I look like a pervert in this photo. ha ha


The class after lunch was sleepy. Perhaps there wasn’t any shocking 18SX stuff that he likes showing.

After class, Wawa and I waited for Naomi outside the classroom. Naomi thought that I would be back after traveliing in Tokyo, when she realised I wasn’t she got me a gift and wrote me a card as fast as she could. So sweet! Thanks!

Then off Wawa and I went for karaoke (again!) we bought a litre of wheat tea at 99 yen. The shop has a box of change! It’s like a 1 sen box and you can use it to pay the last bit of cents that you need.


Then we signed up for the all-you-can-sing package at 800 yen. The mean person at the counter said that we can’t go in the room where HY, PY, MC and QH were in. >3<



We sang and sang. Most of what I sang were English and some Mandarin songs. We sang from 2:55pm to about 5:45pm. Wawa had to go back to post her stuff and for TV.

The walk from karaoke to the train station was about half an hour loooong.


Got back a bit after 7pm, waited for otousan to cycle back from work. Cycling!!! to work!! can’t imagine my dad doing that. Well, Sabah is a bit too hot for that too.

The restaurant that we went to was a sort of fancy Japanese restaurant. Lovely meal with lots of raw fish. And for the last dish, it was squid sashimi.


The squid was still sort of wriggling and the eyes stared at me. Oh well, you’re tasty, I don’t care. Raw squid is chewy like cooked but slightly more slippery. The tentacles were made into tempura.



The name of the restaurant was funny. It had the numbers 3 and 8. These two in Chinese is meant a nosy person (mostly a woman) sampat, or samba. ha ha ha

Went back and did final packing for my large suitcase. Took it down.

Cat came in at night.     

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