Wednesday July 16, 2008 Tenjin #3

As okaasan was back in her kampung, there was no big breakfast. I didn’t have to hurry either so I took my time tweezing my eyebrows and stuff like that.

I realised that K was eating breakfast quite late and found out that he was probably planning to skip school. I can’t confirm any of this but I feel guilty not telling okaasan. Later I asked Som and Wawa and both said I should not tell as it would make my four weeks life unpleasant.

I had Kellogs sugared cornflakes. I like milk.


Then I left home early to buy a calling card to call home with. It was very very sunny and as I had left my umbrella in the classroom the day before, I had to wear my hat and my cardigan just so I won’t get sunburned.

The cashier at 7-11 told me they didn’t have the card I want. I showed him the receipt I had when I bought the card on July 1. And he still told me they don’t have it. Turns out the rumour of convenience stores having *everything* isn’t true at all.

When I walked back to the train station, I felt really really sad. Being melodramatic, I wept a little and cried waaa~~~ and wiped my face with tissue. Then I thought, “This is Japan! I should be happy.” and I cheered up a lot.

Off I went on the train to school. They have pulled the shades down so it doesn’t matter which seat you choose.

I reached school at the same time I usually do. The language teacher told me I have a tired look, second time this week. Gaah! Does this mean I have to draw on thick eyeliner to seem like my eyes are full of shiny energy? Does this mean I have to powder on layers my DAISO blusher so I look like I just exercised and is full of energy? I have no idea.

Dan brought the exo-skeleton of a bug he picked up while on the way. I thought it was prettty cool.


Class passed by not so quicly because I was hungry. Cornflakes doesn’t work. Finally it was lunchtime. I ordered the set meal which is 374 yen and includes the following:

Main dish: Japanese hamburger, tiny mashed potato and raw cabbage (yuck)
Side dish: cold dish of purple seaweed and miso soup.


I was full when I finished the meal but was hungry at around 4:30pm. Food in Japan is so expensive, I can’t afford to buy lots!

Then we dragged ourselves up to our classroom on the forth floor. Today, the teacher played a small part of ARASHI’s concerts and some girls went mad. The power of idols– turning normal girls into screaming fans (me included, if other idols are involved)


After class, a bit of internet and I realised I had not written the entries for the 14th and 15th. Will do so tomorrow, probably.

Then Wawa and I went off to Tenjin. On the subway, we took photos of ourselves with the ARASHI au phones poster. I’d probably regret not taking one with it so here’s my photo.


Then when we arrived at the destination, Wawa went crazy over the HUGE ARASHI posters.







And also the posters on columns which you can hug (if you’re not embarassed of everyone staring) and imagine that you’re hugging the real things. I’ll pass that.






But I did take a photo of serious Toma in the tiny MAOU poster.


and a photo of CODE BLUE, currently on air starring Yama-pi and two girls. I wonder what you can show in dramas of emergency hospital people, which don’t have sexy George Clooney docs.


Oh, ARASHI is a hugely popular boyband. Try imagining Backstreet Boys while they were still (relatively) boys. And imagine the “boys” joining everything related to entertainment: albums, concerts, dramas, talkshows (of their own), commercials, and everything in between. It’s that crazy.

I bought a 3,000 yen phone card (RM100) at 7-11 in Tenjin. yeah!

We only went to BIC CAMERA. Wawa to check out cameras, iPods and DS LIte. I checked out electronic dictionaries (expensive), mp3s (expensive) and batteries (ok ok). I bought batteries because the ones I got were pretty good, it’s a lot better than the ones I got from China. Plus it’s rechargeable back in Singapore and Malaysia.

With BIC CAMERA’s tradename, you would think they sell cameras. No, they don’t. They sell all sorts of things: in Building A, we have alcohol, drinks, glasses, golf equipment. In Building B, printers, computer stuff. And in Building C, cameras and audio stuff. Then nearby there’s another Building with six floors, selling all electronics plus perfumes, toys. The only thing they don’t sell is clothing. Gasp.

We spent quite a long time there before felling really really tired. We decided to eat and gues what we have. :D Not sushi, not rice balls and not bread. We had McDonalds. what a joke!

I ordered the cheapest thing they have: Tea time (2-6pm) set which includes a drink and a piece of chicken called Shaka Shaka Chicken. Why Shaka shaka? Turns out it means shake shake.


They have lots of flavours for you to shake, I chose black pepper and they also have lemon, mayonaise, cheese and other katakanas that took me a long time to read. It was a happy meal as I finally have fried chicken.

We left Tenjin in different direction subways. I changed a train and got back at the station a little before 6pm. I called home and it was raining back home. Then I called back to say, “I’m back~” And met okaasan and K-taro walking the dogs.

Received another letter from mom, so heartwarming.

We ate out. I had ramen again. I must say that my noodles slurping skills have levelled up since coming here. Will have to unlearn slurping when I get back.

Then we came back. I showed okaasan my yukata and the shoelaces. Of course, I told them I’m a cheapo. Okaasan says shoelaces would not work (I doubt her, she hasn’t seen me with shoelaces) and offered to borrow me her real thing. Maybe I should buy stokings instead.

Then shower and blog writing.

11:15pm Sleepy but still have homework. Test on Friday, will read tomorrow after school after blog updates. :D

Will be going to Hiroshima on one night two day school trip. So updates on Tuesday, perhaps.

Oh, mom asked in her letter that my blog’s so long, who would read it. Well, it’s a bit of a journal and a open letter. I guess it’s more important in the future than it is for now.

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