Thu 17 July, Day before test

 Not much happened on this day, because the day after is the final test and no one was going out.

In the morning, I had egg rice. D will faint when she hears the recipe. Egg rice is cracking an egg on top of your just-cooked steaming-hot rice and mixing them together so your rice turns orangey yellow. Japanese rice is sticky so the end product is nicec sticky egg rice. I doubt Thai rice will have the same effect. So don’t try this at home!

I had a nice lunch. The main dish is supposed to be Chinese cuisine.


Messed around in the toilet. It’s the girls’ toilet but there are stuff like this in it. Hmm..


The girls’ toilet are situated at awkward levels of our history classroom building. The first floor and the fourth. The building itself is really old and very far away from the canteen and International Student Centre

I went to the library to study, borrowed a book and went back.

Oh, this phone card costed me 3,000 yen (=RM100) but I can only call home for 56 minutes. It’s not even an hour’s worth.


A moving agency with Doraemon painted on the side of the truck


Cute flowers.


Brain has missing info of more detailed events.

The train


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