10 things I love about central Java, Indonesia

Finally, my one week trip in the two cities of central Java–Yogyakarta and Solo–has come to an end. These seven days seem longer than they are and that’s always a good thing to feel when you’re having fun.

While my memory of Jogja and Solo is fresh, here are 10 things I’ll miss after leaving Indonesia. Items are ranked in priority and each deserve their own blog post.

1. Food

Feast at Mie Nusantara

Food in Indonesia is cheap and good. Most noodle dishes that we had didn’t cost more than S$2. Their noodles are good and the rice dishes are yummy. I even had siomay which we thought were siewmai posing as meatballs.

Surprisingly, we had Peranakan food for two (three?) times during our trip. We accidentally stumbled upon Kedai Tiga Nyonya while being lost. The avocado juice there made me think I went to heaven. Those were the more expensive meals that we had.

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#FriFoto: Seeking enlightenment @ Borobudur

(Post written while still in Indonesia. Internet courtesy of Excelso.) Taken on Day 1 at Borobudur. By the time we reached, it was about 4.20pm and I only had 40 more minutes before the gates close. Our hotel was on the temple grounds so it was just a stone’s throw away from the temple–if you throw really really hard that is. There wasn’t many tourists … Continue reading #FriFoto: Seeking enlightenment @ Borobudur

Selamat tinggal, I’ll be in Yogyakarta

Translation: Goodbye (to those who are staying) or “So long suckers!” Just kidding. Malay trivia of the day: Selamat jalan is Goodbye too but you say it to those who are leaving. By the time you have read this blog, I’d be in Yoygakarta (Jogja, for short). Finally breaking my 7-week trip-less spell. Phew! I’ll be away for 8D7N. We’ve only booked one night of … Continue reading Selamat tinggal, I’ll be in Yogyakarta