Money saving tips for Tokyo: Transportation

Tokyo is the most expensive city to live in but there are still many ways to make the trip less expensive. As I was writing this money saving guide for Tokyo, I realized that there is just too many sub-categories so I split the tips into three different posts. This post is about saving on transportation. There is another on food and drinks as well … Continue reading Money saving tips for Tokyo: Transportation

EZ-Link Card

Why visitors should get the Singapore Tourist Pass

Day passes can save money. I’ve saved plenty in San Francisco. For transportation, travellers to Singapore can choose between a day pass, the EZ-Link (stored value card used by locals for transport and other small payments) or paying by cash. Singapore’s day pass is called the Singapore Tourist Pass (which I will shorten to STPass). When I first read about STPass, my gut feel told … Continue reading Why visitors should get the Singapore Tourist Pass

Skip JR Pass, take long distance night bus

During my first trip to Japan in 2008, I bought a 7-Day Japan Rail Pass–JR Pass which currently costs 28,300 yen/US$ 367.90–and took the Shinkansen from Fukuoka to Tokyo, stopping in the Kansai region for sightseeing.

While the Shinkansen was speedy and comfortable, I decided not to buy the JR Pass during my last trip to Japan in October for four reasons

  1. JR Pass is really expensive even for one person, imagine splurging for two.
  2. We were in Japan for a 10-day trip and the JR Pass came in only 7-Day, 14-Day and 21-Day form so it wasn’t economically wise.
  3. We only planned to visit the Kansai region. If we were travelling a lot farther, I might have gotten the JR Pass or flew.
  4. By travelling by bus at night, I could save on accomodation but still get to my destination. My cheapest accomodation during the trip was my Tokyo stay at 5,300yen a night while Kyoto’s was 7,980 yen.

Choosing a bus from Singapore to JB

Planning a day trip to JB but don’t know which bus to choose? If you are leaving from Queen Street, Bugis, here’s some tips on which bus company to pick, assuming you already know how to get to the Queen Street terminal. I’ll also list the steps you need to take before you reach Malaysia’s shores.

From Queen Street, there are three bus companies that leave for JB: Causeway Link, SBS and Singapore-Johor Express.

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