from Changi airport

As Confucious (or some other old chinese guy) was quoted, “A thousand mile’s travel starts with the first step.” I have stepped in to Changi Airport and my journey begins.

Yesterday, I collected my JR pass, insurance and misc cards. Rushed to International Relations Office to get the insurance endorsed but was told to go to Japanese Studies. Ran with N to JS office but lady there said no need. It was a good exercise.

Went to Suntec to buy travellers’ cheque but was told no DBS in Singapore has Japanese yen t/ cheques. What!! then why on earth did they write on their site that they sell them??? In the end, changed some cash and decided to withdraw using ATM card there.

What else happened. Oh, dinner at my uncle’s. Let’s skip that.

This morning, was fine too. Weather looks ok. everything will be alright!

See you in the next post!


To J and N, signed up for chatterbox but don’t know how to stick it in the blog!

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