A stroll in La Serena before the 23-hour bus ride [YQrtw Day 86 Jul 4]

Location: La Serena -> Arica, Chile

For some strange reason, the small town of La Serena has a large concentration of malls. Besides Plaza Mall Serena where I bought my suitcase, there was Plata del Mar mall where I went to in the morning for the DIY store.

The left part of my glasses has a crack and I am afraid that this crack would lead to a complete break off of my glasses. That’s why I’ve been checking out supermarkets for superglue or anything similar.

Eventually I found a 100gm tube of glue at the DIY store. However, after multiple times of trying to glue the crack together, my glasses still has the crack. Hope I can work it out before it breaks and I have to use my backup glasses.


After getting the glue, I had plenty of time in La Serena before my bus to Arica at 4:20pm. I walked around, mentally ticking off the different Places of Interest, including:

Bathtub on the Avenue of Sculptures
Bathtub on the Avenue of Sculptures

Church at Plaza des Armas

La Serena street
La Serena street
Mai Lan Fan in La Serena, Chile
Mai Lan Fan in La Serena, Chile

Archaeological Museum – La Serena

Archaeological Museum - La Serena

I wanted to visit two museums in La Serena but I only found the Archaeological Museum. The entrance was 600 pesos and I got to see two Incan mummies and one Moai.

La Serena Moai

The Moai was very impressive but it looked kind of lonely standing on its own in a building.

By the time I got out of the museum, I was hungry for coffee and lunch. The cafe I went into didn’t serve their menu of the day until 1pm so I got a cafe latte to sip and wait till 1pm.

Lost puppy
Lost puppy

After collecting my multiple bags from the guesthouse, I walked to the bus station, walking alongside Panamericana Ruta 5 which is a shorter and easier route compared to what the guesthouse has on its website.

The bus came about 4:32pm. I thought I still had some time to use the bathroom since I heard the driver said, “Quince.”

However, when I got back, the bus driver waved me onto the bus. As soon as I sat in my seat, the bus pulled out. I was the last person to board. How very embarrassing.

Bus to Arica

There wasn’t any official rest stops along the way. I was thankful for my 6 green apples which also helped with altitude and motion sickness.

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