#FoodFri Traditional Taiwanese breakfast

My parents and I stopped by a Taiwanese breakfast place when we were in Taipei in 2010.

Salty soy milk, pan fried buns and fried dough 烧饼油条 豆浆 水煎包
Traditional Taiwanese breakfast

The shop was divided into two sections. In front, the shopowners cooked while the back was reserved for customers to sit. The customer sector was warm from the cooking in front which was good because we were caught in a drizzle before that.

I requested for shuijianbao (水煎包) which were pan fried small meat buns. I had loved meat too much to forgo it even for breakfast.

Here’s a breakdown of the meal:

Savory soy milk

Salty soy milk 咸豆浆
Salty soy milk

Instead of the sweet warm soy milk that I had been used to, I was served salty warm soy milk. It even tasted slightly burnt which didn’t help a lot with the taste.

水煎包 Shuijianbao

Pan fried mini meat buns
Pan fried mini meat buns 水煎包

Even though eating something as oil as mini pan fried meat buns wasn’t good for the stomach early in the morning, I had to have some of them before I start the day.

The buns were tasty and had vegetable filling. Compared to xiaolongbao, shuijiabbao is less soupy and has a thicker flour skin.

烧饼油条 Shaobing Youtiao

烧饼油条 Fried dough wrapped in fried dough
Fried dough wrapped in fried dough

Before that meal, I had never seen the shaobing youtiao combo in real life. I was used to eating the two twin fried doughsticks called youtiao but I’ve not tried it as a pair.

It was rather unusual, eating fried dough wrapped in fried dough. I think I left most of the shaobing youtiao for the parents.

After the meal, I concluded that I was more used to the traditional breakfast found in Singapore and Malaysia.

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