Connecting to a location through my stomach

I met another traveller, K, while I was in San Francisco. On our way to a taco place she loves, she asked what I usually do when I travel.

I thought for a short while and said: “Eat.”

I cannot imagine not trying local food in a new location. I usually detail my travel food diary in the Glutton-series and #FoodFri where I feature a yummy, or not, dish I’ve had.

Best dish I ever had

My most memorable dish has to be the noodles in my 大盘鸡(dapanji) in Luoyang, China.

I thought 大盘鸡, or roughly translated as “big plate of chicken”, was a literal big plate of steamed white chicken. Turns out, it’s chicken in soy sauce with potatoes.

The stall I went to only had portions for two people and more. I was alone but ordered the two-person set anyway.

I like chicken very much as I gobbled down the salty meat and the starchy potatoes. Just when I thought I could not eat another bite, one of the employees brought me a large plate of udon-like noodles.

I asked for half of the portion she gave me but regretted it once I bit into the noodles. It was too tasty!

It was a strange type of noodles. It was thick and white like udon but was more firm like ramen and more chewy.

Mixed with the salty soy sauce, the plain noodles transformed from boring Cinderella into the main character of the dish.

After I finished my small portion, I could not eat another bite which was a real pity.

Until this day, I dream of it… My beautiful chewy, white Chinese udon.

This blog post was inspired by BootsnAll’s Indie Travel Challenge weekly travel blog project.
This week’s topic: Food.

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