Getting a fake identity at Khaoshan Road, Bangkok

Have you ever been envious of how spies get to have multiple fake identities?

Well, you can get several identities too while you are at Bangkok’s Khaoshan Road.

Illegally, that is.

I first heard about the possibility of making fake IDs from a colleague. After some “research” on Google, I decided that I must visit Khaoshan Road to check out these counterfeit identity card makers.
Fake IDs at Khaoshan Road
There were a few stalls with photocopies of IDs. Photocopies of some of the more popular IDs were displayed on A4 paper while the rest were in the rather thick folders.

I didn’t study what sort of IDs they faked. From my photos, it seems like they can make certificates as well.
Fake IDs at Khaoshan Road
Some of the stalls were unmanned, as I assume that the person in charge is hiding away in a corner, in case the authorities come.

20 minutes for a student ID

In the name of research, I approached a stall looked over by a woman. It felt safer dealing with a woman.

She told me that it costs 300 baht to create a fake student ID and would take 20 minutes. I asked for a discount but was denied when she heard that I only wanted one.

When I agreed to the price, she called out to a man. He had a pad with details to fill out.

After I filled out the slip of paper. He said the university name was too long and I had to change it. I made multiple variations until he was satisfied.

He then pointed to the folder on the table. Flipping through, he pointed a copy of a Singapore I.C..

I almost fainted. Can you imagine getting caught with one of it? It’s a fine of up to S$10,000 or imprisonment for up to 10 years, or both.
Fake IDs at Khaoshan Road
I waited for the final product in a cafe. When I received it, it did look like a real student card.

I’m refraining from posting it on the blog in case cops burst into my room to arrest me.

Have you ever had a fake ID made?

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