YQ’s travel resolution for 2012

Directions to a Malay wedding

I wonder how many people actually keep to their new year resolutions.

I see them as sort of a pointer for the year but sometimes we don’t really need to follow them exactly to get somewhere.

Here are my travel resolutions for 2012

  • Make flight bookings to Thailand and the Phillipines
    -I haven’t visited these two neighboring countries yet so I’d better make use of thebudget airlines around
  • Look less through the camera panel, instead straight at the scenery in front.
  • When travelling, talk to a local and find out what they think is the best thing to do in town.
    -They might give generic touristy answers but I want to know what they like doing.
  • Wih even CNNGo.com claiming Singapore as boring, I’ll find not boring activities to do, travel local and explore Singapore like it’s my first trip.
    -Also blog about the local trip as travel tips
  • Start saving and planning for my 2013 round-the-world trip

This blog post was inspired by BootsnAll’s Indie Travel Challenge weekly travel blog project.
This week’s topic: Resolutions.


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