Funny poster: Bill Gates, a murderer

That’s according to this funny poster I found while in the Big Market (central market) of Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

A poster with a charming photo of Bill Gates along with Chinese and Malay headline claiming “MURDERER”.

The poster says:

[Someone] used technology to insert virus into human bodies and to experiment, killed my father and my uncle on my mother’s side, used technology to torment people, used sound to kill people and terrorize people. Roused gods and devils [which Google Translate said was “God get sharper”] and killed people [whose] body would hurt and killed my mom and experimented (SARS H1N1) has the evidence as well as proof of the web of government officials and manager being theives. And also proof of Bill Gates and Najib [Malaysia’s current prime minister] threatening party members. At

For the record, I respect Mr and Mrs Gates and their foundation very much. This poster is just full of fail. I wonder who the person was.

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